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Harouge Oil Operation...Open invitation For prequalification for tender (10/2019) demolition and replacement for 500,000 us BBL floating roof above ground storage (tanks 4 &12)[...]

Harouge Oil Operation, is joint operating company on behalf of National Oil Operation Libya and Suncor Oil (North Africa), Announces an invitation to participate in Prequalification for Tender No (10/2019) for companies and contractors who have the required legal and valid licenses and relevant proven experience.

Brief description of the project:

Demolition and replacement for 500,000 bbl tanks 4&12 at Ras Lanuf tank farm.

Scope Of Work, All required erection activities at site shall be in accordance with the latest edition of API 650 and other referenced standards. This shall include but not be limited to:

1. Demolish the tank and clear the site for the new tank installation activities.

2. All necessary civil works inclusive of site preparation, tank foundations, earth berms, support for structural steel work, pipe supports etc.

3. Mechanical works shall include the erection of all necessary tank structural steelwork inclusive of floors, shell plates and roofs and appurtenances in accordance with the latest edition of API 650.

4. All necessary piping, electrical and instrumentation works that shall allow both safe and correct operational integration with existing site systems and process requirements.

Any party has background , capability and available manpower and equipment to perform work and would like to participate in the above mentioned prequalification processes for HOO is requested to provide all the required information and documents as listed below:

1. Name of contractor or company and its normal type of activity, In addition all legal documents as following:

• Valid license compatible with the required work.

• Commercial Registration

• Certificate of Registration in Chamber of Commerce.

• Payment of tax certificate

• Article of association.

2. Organization Chart along with CVs for the professional and technical manpower with min. 10 years + experience and also lists of available plant and equipment.

3. List of similar works completed within the last 5 years specific in the work program, Include the following information:

a. Project Title

b. Work location

c. Client name, address, phone/fax/email contact reference

d. Brief description of the works

e. Start/completion dates

f. Approx. value of work (US$ equiv.

4. Number of professional employees, engineers, technicians and support discipline employed for the service i.e. for this EPC provide a statement of in-house engineering capability and which portions or disciplines are covered by external specialists.

5. CV's of board of management.

6. Copy of QA/QC manual along with implementation forms, checklists & certificates applicable to QA/QC Management system.

7. Copy of HSE manual along with implementation forms checklists & certificates.

8. Details of local Libyan/Foreign partnering available agents and in-country licenses and registration

9. A work backlog curve for the next two years.

10. What are the key challenges in managing an EPC project In Libya and how do you mitigate these challenges.

11. Copy of financial statement audited by charted accountants for last 3 years. Or internal financial statement if the company is established for less than one year.

12. Provide address, Emails and Phone numbers for main and branch office.

Your prequalification file should be subdivided into sections and covered with an index as listed above.

The above information and supporting documents must be delivered between (09:30) and (11:30) AM starting from Monday 24/06/2019 to Wednesday 26/06/2019 to The Office of the Secretary of the Tender Committee 6th Floor HOO main Office, Janat alareef Street - Tripoli/Libya


1. Each point carries an evaluation weighting any answer or statement given must be evidenced by attachment within the submission. failure to do so could result in failure to become qualified to subsequently receive the ITT package.

2. This invitation does not mean an obligation for HOO to invite company or contractor to tender or for the said company or contractor to participate in this project.

3. Any company or contractor interested in participating in this prequalification is responsible for all costs involved.

4. All communications must be via a person authorized to deal with the subject prequalification.

5. Incomplete files or non specialized licenses shall not be considered.

If you have any questions please contact the Tender Committee via fax no. +218 21 3330090 or via Email to :

[email protected]

Cc: [email protected]