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09/26/2019 | Press release | Archived content

TBPELS Surveying Advisory Committee Appointed »

TBPELS Surveying Advisory Committee Appointed

Thursday, September 26, 2019 (0 Comments)
Posted by: DJ Kyle

Today at the TBPELS interim board meeting, Chairman Dr. Wong made a motion to approve the following surveyors to the Surveying Advisory Committee for a 6-month term:

  1. Manny Carrizales, RPLS
  2. Mary Chruszczak, RPLS
  3. William 'Davey' Edwards, RPLS, LSLS
  4. Jon Hodde, RPLS
  5. Coleen Johnson, RPLS
  6. Paul Kwan, RPLS

In addition, he appointed three current Board members to serve as liaisons to the advisory committee:

  1. Lamberto Balli, PE
  2. Sina Nejad, PhD, PE
  3. Rolando Rubiano, PE

The motion passed unanimously.