National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia

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“Parliament 1918-1920”: Petition on Increasing Price of Cotton

On 25 March 1919, the representatives of the peasantry of the Parakar region of the province of Echmiadzin applied to the presidency of the Council of Armenia with the petition for increasing the price of cotton.

'According to the bill of the Council of Armenia, the price of cotton is 43rubles, 50 and 49rubles However, if cotton obtained by the hard work of a working peasant is mortgaged at those prices, he will be economically decayed, as prices of all kinds of food were increased by more than 100 and in that comparison the price of cotton should be increased and cotton found near the second peasant being an absolute harvest of 1917 and 1918 absorbed a lot of money.

We humbly ask you to pay attention to the peasant's hard situation and include a new additional bill in the Council of Armenia, in order to increase the price of cotton at least 16.3 kg for 200 manat which will provide an opportunity to assuage the bitter situation of the peasantry at least a little and cultivate their field for the forthcoming sowing.

It is true with the real one'.