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HAP’s Achievement Award Spotlight: St. Luke’s University Health Network

September 11, 2019

Reducing waste and streamlining medical procedures is a leading goal in any organization, and St. Luke's University Health Network is making award-winning progress with their latest initiative.

St. Luke's University Health Network was awarded HAP's 2019 In Safe Hands Achievement Award with the development of an industry-leading vaccine management program.

The goal is to improve vaccine storage and handling to promote vaccine efficacy, reduce vaccine waste, and minimize financial loss.

St. Luke's two-year audit of vaccine temperature monitoring logs found that nearly half of all physician practices had issues with vaccination storage. Further, nearly half of practices with storage issues had to revaccinate patients because the first round of vaccines received was potentially compromised.

Following the audit, St. Luke's took steps to address the issue by:

  • Appointing of a director of vaccine management as well as vaccine coordinators in physician practices
  • Conducting staff education according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Best Practice Guidelines
  • Replacing storage equipment based on practices' vaccine volumes and current equipment

As a result of the program the percentage of practices requiring revaccination between January, 1, 2017, and March 31, 2018, dropped to zero. This helped St. Luke's maximize resources.

Congratulations to St. Luke's University Health Network for streamlining its vaccination process and for winning a 2019 HAP Achievement Award. Learn more about this effort as well as other 2019 award-winning programs at HAP's website.

Questions about the HAP Achievement Awards may be directed to HAP Member Services at (717) 561-5359.