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Print’s New Role: Alleviating Channel Fatigue

Posted at 15:33h
in DX Blogby Shelly Anderson

Every day, your customers are receiving a plethora of emails and, with this and working from home, many are developing channel fatigue as a result. Due in part to email overload, the average attention span of the American consumer has decreased from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2020 and spam filters and mass delete options make it all too easy to bypass unsolicited emails. At the same time, print appears to be in demand, with a majority of American consumers preferring to receive bills by mail over electronic delivery.

So, what's behind the popularity of print these days? Here are three reasons for the resurgence of physical communications and why print should be a part of every omnichannel marketing strategy.

  1. Print provides more emotional rewards than digital. A study by Temple University found that paper media activated the ventral striatum, an area of the brain associated with desire and valuation, more than digital. Another study of paper and digital media found that physical material is better connected to memory, involves more emotional processing, and produces more brain responses connected to internal feelings.
  2. Print also requires 21% less cognitive effort to process, indicating that physical communications may be easier to understand than digital.
  3. Ease of processing leads to better attention and recall. In a recent study, consumers remembered mail 35% better than social media content and 49% better than e-mail.

While businesses appreciate and need digital communications, including print as part of your customer communications strategy is a potent way to combat channel fatigue we are experiencing today. Technology makes integrating print with digital communications easier than ever and the USPS remains a reliable, cost-effective way to get your customer communications to the recipient. Now you can pay one price for up to 3.5 oz for First-Class Mail Presort and automation letters and features like Intelligent mail barcodes have improved delivery accuracy and provide real-time delivery and receipt tracking for inbound and outbound mail.

Making print a part of your omnichannel marketing strategy offers plenty of advantages, including taking full advantage of the most efficient and cost-effective mailing techniques. This is where DATAMATX can help We not only offer ideas on designing engaging print communications, our strong partnership with the USPS ensures that your documents are mailed at the best possible postage rates. GO PRINT!