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09/14/2017 | News release | Distributed by Public on 09/13/2017 17:09

Successful Coach Development Workshops

Coaches from all across New Zealand came out in force during the week of 4th September to take advantage of a fantastic learning opportunity. The Coach Development workshops, held in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland gave keen coaches a chance to learn and share practical skills and ideas that deepen understanding and enhance delivery.

Almost 90 coaches attended the workshops and contributed to active, engaging sessions which explored the blue, red, orange and green stages of Tennis Hot Shots as well as yellow ball themes. The main focus of the workshops were to give coaches confidence in developing skills without queues, and to explore activities which are player-fed.

Coaches shared ideas around how to set up activities that always link back to the game of tennis. Is there a decision making element to the activity? Does the activity have a sending and receiving component? Is the activity engaging, challenging and fun?

Other topics covered were that around the player - what pre-skills (such as balance and movement) do players need to develop in order for them to be able to play tennis? What constitutes a rally? For young beginner players, simply rolling a ball back and forth is a rally for their stage of developmental readiness.

After a morning of on-court activity, a performance focussed Q&A took place with Tennis NZ Performance Coach, Lan Bale. Lan brought a wealth of experience from his playing and coaching days and spoke about how young Kiwi players compare to their counterparts overseas. The main takeaways from this Q&A were around goals, attitude and integrity. Kiwi coaches can set good environments for players from day one by encouraging higher standards from their players around effort, manners on and off the court, professionalism and accountability.

The fantastic turnout shows that there is certainly an appetite for more coach development opportunities in New Zealand, and we look forward to working with coaches to explore a variety of development topics in the future.

Thank you to workshop facilitators Lan Bale and Adam Gard'ner, and to Emma Doyle for access to her Skill Development and Player-fed situational games workshops.