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06/30/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/30/2020 03:46

Hungary is made successful by the work of the Hungarian people

'The government will not allow the results of the past ten years to be lost, and it is supporting job-creating enterprises because Hungary is made successful by the work of the Hungarian people', Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said on Monday in Környe, where he presented a funding certificate to Transintertop Limited within the framework of the competitiveness-increasing program.

Mr. Szijjártó added that 806 enterprises are receiving a total of 169 billion forints (EUR 474.5 million) in funding thanks to the series of measures. The total value of the investment projects these enterprises have undertaken to realise is 377 billion forints (EUR 1.06 billion), which are contributing to the preservation of 143 thousand workplaces.

The Minister also spoke about the fact that 38 enterprises in Komárom-Esztergom County are receiving 8.6 billion forints (EUR 24.1 million) in funding towards a total investment volume of 20 billion forints (EUR 56.15 million), and the investment projects are helping to protect 11,700 jobs in the County.

Owner of Transintertop Ltd. Attila Selmeczi told reporters that the company has been awarded 282 million points (EUR 792 thousand) in funding towards its investment of almost 800 million forints (EUR 2.25 million). The company will be using the sum to establish a new, 3000 square metre warehouse building, where in addition to storage it will also be performing value-increasing services such as quality control, repackaging and various contracted services. Following the investment, the company's total warehouse capacity ill increase to 23 thousand square metres, enabling the storage of 25 thousand standard pallets.

'Without the funding, this development project would only have been realised several years later', the owner said.

Transintertop Limited is a family-owned Hungarian enterprise that employs 270 people, including 150 truck drivers. The company's place of business is at an equal distance from the Oroszlány, Tata and Tatabánya industrial parks, and operated with 155 heavy goods vehicles and 210 semi-trailers. The company has established a liquid fuel capacity of some two hundred thousand litres at its site of operation, where its contractual partners can also refuel.

The company achieve over 8 billion forints (EUR 22.56 million) in turnover in both 2018 and 2019, making it Hungary's 10th largest freight transport company based on annual turnover.

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade / MTI)