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09/29/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 09/29/2020 08:40

Watch: First NY-11 DCCC Ad Boils Malliotakis Down To One Word: Fraud

'Get this. She wants to raise your taxes, too'

Today, the DCCC released its first TV ad in NY-11, exposing Nicole Malliotakis as a fraud, itching to rip off hardworking New Yorkers. The DCCC's first ad is part of a $1.1 million buy on NYC Cable that will continue through Election Day.

'Wallet ' details legendary fraud Nicole Malliotakis' desire to raise working New Yorkers' taxes while threatening Social Security, just to hand a massive tax handout to big corporations. Visually, the ad contrasts what Nicole Malliotakis would do to middle class New Yorkers on Staten Island and in South Brooklyn with what Malliotakis would do for big corporations in Manhattan.


Watch 'Wallet' Here

'Nicole Malliotakis is a fraud, plain and simple,' said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. 'You can't trust her with your health, you shouldn't trust her with your family's wellbeing, and you definitely want her to stay the hell away from your wallet.'


So you've heard Nicole Malliotakis is a fraud.

Get this. She wants to raise your taxes, too.

Malliotakis claims she's for lower taxes.

But supported a plan that gives tax cuts to big corporations…

While gutting property tax relief for middle class New Yorkers.

And threatens huge cuts to the Social Security you earned.

Watch your wallet.

Because (Nicole) Malliotakis isn't just a fraud. She'd take your money too.