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Everbridge Named Top Enterprise IT Alerting and Incident Management Solution of 2019 by IT Central Station

BURLINGTON, Mass. - January 22, 2020-Everbridge, Inc. (NASDAQ: EVBG), the global leader in critical event management (CEM) to help keep people safe and businesses running, today announced that IT Central Station, the leading product review site for enterprise technology, has released that Everbridge was ranked as the leading IT alerting and incident management tool of 2019, based on peer reviews from their user community. This marks the second consecutive year that Everbridge IT Alerting has received this distinction.

Everbridge helps to keep business operations running faster by maximizing systems uptime. Everbridge's IT Alerting solution provides Enterprise Incident Response management which enables enterprises to automatically and efficiently communicate and collaborate with key IT teams, proactively notify impacted business users and keep key stakeholders informed during an incident to minimize damage and accelerate resolution. Customers of IT Alerting have cited reductions in the amount of time it takes to launch response teams and initiate actions after an incident by as much as 93 percent. At an average cost of $9,000 per minute for an IT outage (source: Ponemon Institute), companies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars per incident using IT Alerting.

In a testimonial that can be found on Everbridge's website, one of the largest home improvement leaders in the U.S. explains how their IT Service Desk effectively deployed the Everbridge IT Alerting solution to reduce the overall duration of 'down store' IT incidents.

Everbridge's recognition as the Top Enterprise IT Alerting and Incident Management Solution stems from just a sampling of the following recent customer reviews:

'We have driven down our mean-time-to-restore (MTTR) by an average of about 45 minutes across all major outages. That is very substantial considering the cost of every minute of outage can be thousands of dollars lost. We are saving probably 100 plus hours of outage time within our customer-facing products per month, which is significant.' - one of the largestbanking and financial services software companiesin the world.

IT Alerting 'simplifies on-call schedule creation and management and allows us to focus on restoration rather than on calling people.' - a leading technology services company.

Everbridge IT Alerting 'integrates with our configuration management database and enables us to quickly identify target audiences for messaging.' - a global consulting firm.

'Enterprises across the globe are selecting Everbridge to unify their approach to response management and streamline their communications, collaboration and orchestration processes - all of which ultimately helps them resolve incidents faster,' said Vick Vaishnavi, Everbridge SVP of Global Solutions. 'When a company's brand, infrastructure, IT systems or people are at risk, Everbridge's IT Alerting solution enables enterprises to mitigate damage to reputation, revenue, productivity, focus and customer service.'

'This recognition maps to EMA's longstanding experience with Everbridge's customers,' said Valerie O'Connell, Research Director at EMA. 'They uniformly report great value in the proactive orchestration of response to critical IT service disruptions whether from cyber-attacks, power outages, and weather related emergencies to the more mundane, but equally intrusive, IT component failure, application latency, and change management related incidents. Everbridge IT Alerting leverages its well-established traction in leading global enterprises to bring innovation such as intelligent workflow automation - always looking for ways to further streamline and accelerate incident response and resolution.'

With Everbridge IT Alerting, operational teams remain fully in control of IT task automation by embedding human decision points within workflows. Using bi-directional communications, a user can remotely control the advancement or execution of any step within a process, such as re-starting a server. Remote communications can be performed via SMS, IM, email, or phone.

Everbridge recently announced the launch of Smart Orchestration Cockpit, now part of IT Alerting, enabling IT organizations to build, execute and monitor their incident response workflows using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. The end-to-end, enterprise incident response solution streamlines processes, minimizes downtime, and accelerates resolution in a controlled, secure and predictable manner. An overview of Smart Orchestration can be watched here.

'Everbridge has earned the #1 Leader spot due to its high ratings from customers, in-depth reviews, and strong interest from tech buyers,' said Russell Rothstein, Founder and CEO of IT Central Station. 'Tech professionals increasingly rely on authentic peer reviews to shortlist vendors and select the right solution. Everbridge has distinguished itself as a provider of IT alerting and incident management software that receives high ranks from its customers.'

During the past year, over three million professionals, including those from 98 percent of the Fortune 100, have used IT Central Station's crowdsourced reviews in their technology buying process. All reviews are validated by IT Central Station and are known for their depth and quality, with an average of 600+ words per review.

IT Central Station ranking factors and calculations are fully transparent and can be found at https://www.itcentralstation.com/categories/it-alerting-and-incident-management.