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Style Inspiration From Buckle Store Managers – Part II

We're here for round II of style inspiration from our store managers. This time, with some of the men who manage Buckle stores.

We couldn't let the ladies get all the attention!

After all, Buckle's men are serving up great looks and know a thing or two when it comes to style too.

Hear it from them on men's denim, trends for fall, the brands they're wearing, and take notice of the one power accessory they are all rocking.

Ben H.
Area Manager - Louisville, Kentucky

Tell us about your outfit:
I am wearing Departwest Trouper skinny jeans, and a Seven Tides striped t-shirt. I love the colors and horizontal stripe detail on this t-shirt, paired with a dark slim fit jean. During the summer, I like to cuff my jeans to show off my shoes.

What trends are you wearing this season?
My favorite trend right now is long-bodied t-shirts paired with skinny jeans and a cool new sneaker. A simple shirt design and moto jeans are on trend right now as well.

What trends are for looking forward to this fall?
Fall is the best time for fashion. I'm looking forward to all the new prints and patterns. Layering up a cool lightweight t-shirt with the new baja hoodies from Departwest, and aztec polar fleeces paired up with black denim, are going to look great for fall.

What do you love about your job?
I love the entrepreneurial spirit of the company. They truly make you feel like the owner of your own store, but also provide us with all of the tools to be successful.

Best part about working in the store?
Except just having fun selling clothes that I love, my favorite part about working in the store is being able to help other leaders in the company reach their potential.

Favorite part about back-to-school shopping?
I love being able to make someone's day by making Buckle the one-stop shop for back-to-school shopping. Once they see our selection, there is no need to go anywhere else.

Steve F.
Area Manager - North Little Rock, Arkansas

What is your go-to outfit?
I'm a huge fan of BKE Vintage shirts, I just love the look and feel of them. BKE Mason jeans are my favorite denim option because of the tapered leg. These slimmer fit jeans are a timeless look, and the smaller leg opening highlights my shoes. New Balance sneakers for total comfort all day.

What trends are you wearing this season?
Slim fit jeans with smaller leg openings, trend sneakers, and shirts from Departwest and Sullen - anything that I can still rock and be a cool dad.

What trends are for looking forward to this fall?
All of the Departwest hoodies and outerwear we saw at the fall fashion show were killer. I also love boots and the lineup for fall looks great.

Favorite part about the back-to-school shopping?
Seeing familiar faces that I have helped for years. I like helping kids feel cool and comfortable in what they are wearing to school every day. It can be a huge part of a young person's confidence, which affects their daily experience.

Best part about working in the store?
Mentoring the people I work with every day and becoming a better leader because of them. Getting the chance to teach communication, sales, leadership, business management, and life skills to my team. Having an positive impact on my team and guests.

What do you love about your job?
I have a simple philosophy that helping another person is the greatest thing you can do with your time on this earth. I get to help teammates and guests all day long. I love it!

Lincoln W.
Area Manager - Enid, Oklahoma

Tell us about your outfit:
I'm wearing a short sleeve button-up from RVCA, with Departwest Trouper jeans and the TOMS Carlo shoe. I love this look because it's simple, yet an option to wear to a semi-casual event, with a quick change to a dress shoe.

What's your favorite pair jeans?
The BKE Mason is my favorite jean right now. Being an athletic guy, it's always tough to find jeans that fit my legs, and the blown out waist offers more room in the hips. The leg is tapered just enough to give me a look that's a bit more modern.

What trends are you loving right now?
E-waist shortsare amazing. The options in prints allow me to show off my not-so-serious side! Hurley makes a pair that's exclusive to Buckle, and I own it in four different colors.

What trends are for looking forward to this fall?
I'm looking forward to see all the options from Departwest, like their bomber jackets and lightweight hoodies.

Favorite part about the back-to-school shopping?
My favorite part of back-to-school shopping is seeing all the kids each year! As they grow, we get a chance to build a relationship with them and their families!

Best part about working in the store?
I've been working in the store for almost 10 years now and I still love taking care of a guest that's never experienced our service or denim. It puts a smile on my face to see them leave and know that they will be a Buckle guest for life.

What do you love about your job?
I love that every day is different. I get to pick who is on my team and each day we get a chance to change the world together from the store. Buckle has allowed me the freedom to run the store like it's my own business!

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