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Artificial Intelligence Forum Sydney 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) is radically transforming our world, our society and our businesses. The dramatic changes that AI has created, and will create, requires an understanding and a national vision in the age of artificial intelligence.

How do we ensure that Australia remains competitive, and takes advantage of new opportunities in the new era of artificial intelligence? The era of artificial intelligence will transform work and the labour market. Governments and companies must recognise the change and start planning now.

We have created the AI Forum as a platform for discussing AI with entrepreneurs, industry and government leaders.

The AI Forum brings together thought leaders and influencers from business, academia, government and emerging technologies.

  • How will you take advantage of AI?

Attend our AI Forum to discover more.

Date Thursday, 14 March 2019
Venue Ashurst, Sydney
Time 8.30am to 12.30pm
Speaking Enquiries Contact Glen Frost - [email protected]
Event Enquiries Contact Leah Peakman - [email protected]

'Artificial Intelligence is much more than another Silicon Valley buzzword - more even than seminal products like the smartphone. It is better seen as a resource, a bit like electricity, that will touch every part of the economy and society.'

The Economist, September 2018

'Google's AI subsidiary DeepMind has unveiled the latest version of its Go-playing software, AlphaGo Zero. The new program is a significantly better player than the version that beat the game's world champion earlier this year, but, more importantly, it's also entirely self-taught. DeepMind says this means the company is one step closer to creating general purpose algorithms that can intelligently tackle some of the hardest problems in science, from designing new drugs to more accurately modeling the effects of climate change.'

The Verge, October 2017