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01/12/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 01/12/2018 10:13

PRESS RELEASE- - Governor Sejko: Address to the graduation ceremony of the students of economics, University of Tirana

Publication Date 12.01.2018

Honourable Education Minister Nikolla,

Dear ALSAI Chairman Leskaj,

Dear Dean Kule,

Dear professors,

Dear students,

I am honoured and pleased to be today with you, in this special day for you, and for me too.

Today, you successfully reach the finish line after years of efforts, as you partially conclude a very important chapter of your life, that of education. I intentionally said partially, because education is a life-long challenge, which accompanies us throughout our life journey. Notwithstanding the length of time and the way we spend it, we are all part of a never-ending process of updating and increasing our knowledge.

I strongly believe you have reasons to feel proud, as you have reached an important milestone in your life. Now the doors of another world are opened to you, entirely different from the student life: the doors of real life, full of unknown challenges.

If you asked me about my advice to any of you, although it might sound somewhat a cliché, I would unhesitantly say: you may succeed only if you learn to stretch yourselves beyond the limits. To all of you that already have a clear idea of what you want to do with your life I wish you all the best of luck and success in your future endeavours. For all you that have not decided yet on your future course, I would encourage you to keep trying out, being confident in your instincts, with a strong will and persevering commitment.

Never give up on your ambitions and objectives. Never give up fighting for what you believe and always support people that care for you. Act with dignity, pride and honesty, always bearing in mind to be nobody but yourself in a world, which is doing its best to make you everybody else.

The world outside the auditoriums is more challenging. Brace yourselves to encounter tougher moments in life. Delusion, in many cases, is an integral part of our life. Therefore, I strongly advise you to firm up your stability. As the saying goes, 'we are more vulnerable than we ever thought, but we are stronger than we ever imagined'.

You will have good days and bad days. Be capable enough and bold enough to overcome them with courage and optimism. Remember to draw your lessons, on a case by case basis, and share them with your friends and colleagues. Embrace any innovative idea, build continuous confidence, radiate positive energy and embrace any common dream that inspires human love, prosperity, integrity and good understanding. This is the way to build a better society than the present one, capable to withstand challenges and guarantee the future course of our nation.