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Berlin/Rotterdam, 05.09.2017 | IVU: Real-time data for the Rotterdam metro

RET implements all-round solution for in-vehicle real-time passenger information from IVU

As of late, passengers on 81 vehicles of the Rotterdam metro are provided with up-to-date information on the arrival time and connections available at the next stop. An all-round solution from IVU Traffic Technologies handles the overall management and processing of the real-time data right up to the display on the information screens.

The Rotterdam metro is the oldest underground railway system in the Netherlands. Every day, more than 300,000 people use the five lines that connect the city with the surrounding area. The RET (Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram) transport company operates over 165 underground trains to ensure regular transport. Roughly half of these -81 type MG2/1 and SG2/1 trains built between 1998 and 2002 - have now been equipped with a modern passenger information system. IVU is providing an all-round solution consisting of data management, driver's displays and content management.

'Being commissioned by RET represents an important milestone for us,' says Wim Dujardin, project manager at IVU Traffic Technologies. 'This is the first time our system for real-time information in vehicles is being used in rail-only operation.' Hakan Zor from RET adds: 'Above all, it was IVU's many years of experience that convinced us. A further advantage was that IVU was capable of providing an integrated solution.'

The central database IVU.fleet.data manages RET's network, timetable and schedule data for these vehicles. IVU's background system uses the current real-time data to calculate the deviations and passes them on to the trains, where they are displayed on the passenger information screens. The interface for these screens is also provided by IVU. In addition to the next stops and expected arrival time, it also displays available connections, information on disruptions and advertisements.

Furthermore, IVU installed panels from the latest IVU.box generation in the driver's cabins of all the trains. The IVU.cockpit operating system that runs on the 12' touch screens provides the drivers with all the important information on the timetable situation. The software also controls all the passenger information in the trains, including the screens and passenger announcements. Vehicle communication is based on the latest VDV standard IBIS-IP. In 2015, IVU received the 'itcs Innovations Award' for its driving role in the development and introduction of the new standard.

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