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Menendez, Booker Announce $144M in Federal Funding to Revitalize Neighborhoods, Expand Economic Opportunities

Menendez, Booker Announce $144M in Federal Funding to Revitalize Neighborhoods, Expand Economic Opportunities

Menendez, Booker Announce $144M in Federal Funding to Revitalize Neighborhoods, Expand Economic Opportunities

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

NEWARK, N.J. - U.S. Senators Bob Menendez and Cory Booker today announced the awarding of a combined $144,750,828 in federal funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Office of Community Planning and Development to support the revitalization of communities across New Jersey.

'When we invest in our communities, we improve the quality of life for residents across the state of New Jersey, regardless of their zip code,' saidSen. Menendez, ranking member of the Senate Banking Subcommittee on Housing, Transportation and Community Development. 'This critical funding will move us forward as a state, and allow for economic development, job opportunities and safe and affordable housing for families.'

'As a former mayor, I have seen firsthand the impact successful federal programs like this have on addressing the most pressing housing issues in our communities,' said Sen. Booker. 'Federal investments like this not only help address the affordable housing crisis in New Jersey, but they also bolster our economic growth and strengthen our neighborhoods.'

The funding announced today comes from four different grants designed to revitalize struggling neighborhoods and expand access to affordable housing. They are: the Community Development Block (CDBG), the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG), the HOME program and the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) Program.

The following communities were awarded the following grants:

Asbury Park:

CDBG: $413,857

Atlantic City:

CDBG: $1,337,463

HOME: $509,348


CDBG: $1,574,119


CDBG: $1,045,879

Brick Township:

CDBG: $302,355


CDBG: $335,956


CDBG: $2,538,702

HOME: $834,900

ESG: $209,702

HOPWA: $1,105,706

Cherry Hill:

CDBG: $465,015


CDBG: $1,146,108

Toms River Township:

CDBG: $405,118

East Orange:

CDBG: $1,472,844

HOME: $512,530

CDBG: $594,016


CDBG: $1,595,848

HOME: $908,117

Ewing Township:

CDBG: $243,538

Franklin Township:

CDBG: $273,571

Gloucester Township:

CDBG: $306,188


CDBG: $677,718


CDBG: $1,091,191


CDBG: $1,169,229

HOME: $454,724

Jersey City:

CDBG: $5,849,625

HOME: $2,081,044

ESG: $487,992

HOPWA: $2,390,051

Lakewood Township:

CDBG: $1,096,400

Long Branch:

CDBG: $502,142


CDBG: $265,476


CDBG: $298,780


CDBG: $7,327,046

HOME: $2,686,893

ESG: $627,104

HOPWA: $5,789,337

New Brunswick:

CDBG: $867,015

HOME: $524,646

North Bergen Township:

CDBG: $712,265

Ocean City:

CDBG: $287,625

Old Bridge Township:

CDBG: $271,414

Parsippany-Troyhills Township:

CDBG: $216,123


CDBG: $1,362,949

HOME: $887,926


CDBG: $2,556,031

HOME: $988,089

ESG: $199,965

HOPWA: $1,756,316

Perth Amboy:

CDBG: $659,638

HOME: $420,621


CDBG: $242,985


CDBG: $221,477


CDBG: $2,960,002

HOME: $819,060

ESG: $241,269

Union City:

CBDG: $1,059,939

Union Township:

CDBG: $649,933


CDBG: $497,607

HOME: $618,842

Wayne Township:

CBDG: $196,533


CBDG: $684,943

Atlantic County:

CBDG: $1,197,645

HOME: $694,274

Bergen County:

CBDG: $9,464,387

HOME: $2,868,814

ESG: $796,956

Burlington County:

CBDG: $1,489,504

HOME: $879,435

Camden County:

CBDG: $2,470,863

HOME: $1,150,552

ESG: $212,549

Essex County:

CBDG: $5,470,456

HOME: $1,209,827

ESG: $456,588

Gloucester County:

CBDG: $1,368,184

HOME: $601,945

Hudson County:

CBDG: $2,163,477

HOME: $2,748,763

ESG: $174,817

Middlesex County:

CBDG: $1,955,336

HOME: $1,601,819

ESG: $170,997

Monmouth County:

CBDG: $2,712,070

HOME: $1,522,210

ESG: $218,343

Morris County:

CBDG: $1,979,023

HOME: $819,069

ESG: $170,311

Ocean County:

CBDG: $1,395,301

HOME: $1,350,003

Passaic County:

CBDG: $914,518

Somerset County:

CBDG: $1,098,818

HOME: $532,984

Union County:

CBDG: $4,709,051

HOME: $1,254,650

ESG: $397,064

New Jersey Nonentitlement:

CDBG: $6,852,205

CDBG Pilot: $855,000

HOME: $5,115,750

ESG: $3,321,481

HOPWA: $1,640,701

CNSRT-Mercer County:

HOME: $665,006