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Medical Forum | 'Industry engagement and commercialisation' by OIL and R&E

'Industry engagement and commercialisation'

Presented by Hon Pete Hodgson - CEO of Otago Innovation (OIL)
and Dr Gavin Clark - Director of Research and Enterprise (R&E)


Prof Lyall Hanton - HOD Chemistry
Dr Stephen Sowerby - OIL
Mr David Powell - Enterprise manager UoO Auckland campus

The University of Otago is increasingly mindful of the need for further industry engagement, of the growing opportunity to commercialise intellectual property, and of the obligation to maximize the impact of research through better translation in general.

Society and government have growing expectations in this regard. The University of Otago has embraced and responded to these societal shifts to good effect. This is reflected in our success in the latest MBIE round, the increased number of IP disclosures Otago Innovation sees each year, our role in assorted National Science Challenges, and so on.

Further attention to these concepts, and to the culture shift that attends them, is warranted. Research and Enterprise (R&E), and Otago Innovation (OIL) are offering this seminar entitled 'industry engagement and commercialisation', tailored to health sciences research commercialisation.

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