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Jun. 04, 2020 4 PM PT Multiple Locations The SAG-AFTRA Foundation Presents: Tish Hicks' 'Self- ... Read More

From Tish:

As performers, we actively choose challenge… As we are all in this together… the challenges have become bigger than ever..

How can we take this time with ourselves and make it time for ourselves?

In this 90-minute workshop, we will look at all the ways that voiceover… the one thing that has stayed going and growing in these shifting times… can be the way to center and anchor yourself as a performer (and a human)

We will explore a combination of mindset shifts, exercises and actions to give you hands on, hearts in ways to center yourself and activate your voiceover in the time of opportunity that is here.

Now more than ever it's all you… and you are not alone.

Self Evident - Now more than ever…. Voiceover is not a side dish… it is something that can be a consistent through line of all your performing…. You can do any where…. At any age...

Bring yourself - it's all you - You-ness

When: Thursday June 4, 7 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. CT / 4 p.m. PT

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Tish Hicks is the founder and Master Sensei of the V.O. Dojo. She has been a highly successful L.A. voiceover artist for over 20 years and is as smart, down-to-earth and nurturing as her signature voice, which is the voice of Subaru, Citibank, GTA V. Tish's background as an actress, singer, kickboxer, shamanʼs apprentice, and her years in the V.O. trenches combine to create a 'fierce kindness' - a blending of real-world experience, spiritual truth, and a deeply wacky sense of humor - as she shares her love of the art form and business of voiceover to align people with the power and possibility of their voice.

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