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04/20/2017 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 04/21/2017 03:39

Limpopo Education on improvement of education service delivery

Top Management Committee holds meeting for improvement of education service delivery

The Top Management of the department had a meeting today mainly to speed up service delivery. These include finding ways of improving learning and teaching through the provisioning of training on management of schools which will target members of Schools Governing Bodies (SGB's), teaching staff and their management teams.

A research has been conducted to identify cross-cutting challenges facing the work of the SGB's and Schools Management Teams (SMT's) and training will ensue soon. Circuit Managers will also be trained on matters of the South African Schools Act (SASA).

The training will also assist underperforming schools to improve their performance as they will be aware of their obligations enshrined in the Act.

Looking back at the coordination of the 2016 grade 12 examinations, it was reported that all went well except for the leak of Mathematics Paper 2 which was then investigated.

Investigations were conducted by amongst others State Security Agencies and it was found that non leakage happened in any examinations storage point in the Province. It has been emphasised that more need to be done to stop any type of irregularity during examination.

Meanwhile, the department will issue certificates to qualifying learners following investigations in 2016 examinations irregularities towards the end of this month.

Also to note is that the department has completed logistic on 2017 Grade 12 Supplementary Examination results. The results will be released on the 2nd May 2017.

Although much has to be done, the Ddepartment is improving in financial management matters. This follows improvement in implementation of the PFMA and other regulations.

Concerning the situation in Vuwani area, the department will continue to engage its stakeholders in the area with a view of reaching agreement that will allow learning and teaching to continue. Stakeholders include Teachers' Unions, Principals and SGB's.

The protest in the area affects 76 schools, more than 2 709 learners with 1702 in Grade 12.

The department has started with planning for the purchase and delivery of Learning and Teaching Support Material (LTSM) for 2018. The 10 point strategy in this regard is being implemented to ensure there is no more delays.

This strategy also emphasises the importance of Textbooks Retrieval Strategy to reduce unnecessary expenditure of buying in bulk every year when only top-up books and stationary could b required. All schools will start placing orders for LTSM on 12th May 2017 while the delivery is expected to begin in July.

On the other hand, the Governance Branch of the department will strengthen the awareness sessions on prevention of corporal punishment.

Although it is illegal to implement the Corporal Punishment and all educators are aware, there are sporadic incidents in some areas. Educators implementing the Corporal Punishment are subjecting themselves to both criminal procedures and internal discipline procedures.

Dr Naledzani Rasila
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