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09/11/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 09/11/2019 14:31

Day 3, World Women's Junior Water Polo Championship: United States, Netherlands, Russia and Greece advance to quaterfinals

Lucia Santiago, FINA Press Correspondent from Portugal

United States, Netherlands, Russia and Greece, as leaders of their groups, advanced this Wednesday to the round of quaterfinals in the FINA World Women's Junior Water Polo World Championship.

The Madeira Island is giving luck to these four national teams. United States was the best team in Group A. Netherlands surpassed Spain in Group B. Russia is following successfully the title's defense, with three victories out of three in Group C; while Greece imposed its power in Group D.

Leading the group means for all of them being in the round of quaterfinals.

Japan, Kazakhstan, Portugal and New Zeland will play for 13th-16th positions while the other eight teams that are competing in Funchal (POR) will play a playoff in the round of 16.

Only four more teams, among Hungary, Australia, Spain, Brazil, Italy, South Africa, China and Canada, will be in the quaterfinals too.

Progress points:

Group A: United States 5, Hungary 4, Australia 2, Japan 1

Group B: Netherlands 5, Spain 5, Brazil 2, Kazakhstan 0

Group C: Russia 6, Italy 4, South Africa 2, Portugal 0

Group D: Greece 6, China 4, Canada 2, New Zealand 0

Wednesday Schedule:

Match 19, 9.00, Group D, GREECE 8 CHINA 6

Match 20, 10.20, Group D, CANADA 8 NEW ZEALAND 4

Match 17, 11.40, Group C, SOUTH AFRICA 1 RUSSIA 21

Match 21, 13.00, Group A, HUNGARY 12 JAPAN 10

Match 22, 16.00, Group A, UNITED STATES 9 AUSTRALIA 8

Match 23, 17.20, Group B, BRAZIL 3 SPAIN 14

Match 24, 18.40, Group B, NETHERLANDS 16 KAZAKHSTAN 4

Match 18, 20.00, Group C, PORTUGAL 4 ITALY 18