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09/24/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 09/23/2020 18:24

3 Things To Remember About Maryland Matt Rosendale’s Record Ahead of Tonight’s Debate

Rosendale's Harmful Record on Health Care, Public Lands and Montana's Vets Is Disqualifying

As voters prepare to hear from multimillionaire East Coast developer Maryland Matt Rosendale for the first time since he ignored a farm forum on agricultural issues earlier this year, we'd like to remind you just how out of touch Rosendale and his harmful record are with Montanans.

While Montana voters consistently say that access to affordable health care, protecting public lands and supporting veterans are their top priorities, Matt Rosendale's record and votes show just how little he understands the needs of Montana families.

Matt Rosendale's record on health care is harmful for Montanans and includes:

  1. Supporting the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, which protects those with pre-existing conditions like asthma or COVID-19.
  2. Admitting he doesn't support protections for those with pre-existing conditions and as Insurance Commissioner he even pushed junk insurance plans during the pandemic that don't have to cover pre-existing conditions.
  3. Rubberstamping a rise in health care premiums by up to 23% on Montana's families.
  4. Even infamously voting against a bipartisan Medicaid expansion, and continuing to undermine the program by calling for federal block grants, resulting in massive losses in coverage for Montanans.

Matt Rosendale's voting record shows that he turned his back on Montana's veterans:

  1. Rosendale voted against creating a program that has helped hundreds of veterans and Gold Star families buy homes. Rosendale's votes hurt veterans homes in Columbia Falls and Southwest Montana.
  2. Rosendale voted against a scholarship for Purple Heart recipients.

Matt Rosendale's awful record protecting Montana's public lands:

  1. In 2014, Rosendale said he was 'an advocate' for the transfer of public lands, and stated that Montana's public lands should be sold to the highest bidder.
  2. While in the state legislature, Rosendale introduced legislation encouraging the transfer of federal public lands to the state.
  3. Rosendale also voted to create a task force that was determined to be a 'backdoor' to talks of public lands transfer.
  4. While serving on Montana's Land Board, Rosendale repeatedly voted against Montana sportsmen and women, blocking permanent public hunting access to 20,000 acres of land in Eastern Montana.

The above is JUST the shortlist of how awful and out of touch Maryland Matt Rosendale is for Montanans on the issues that they care about most.

Statement from DCCC Spokesperson Andy Orellana:

'Land developer Maryland Matt Rosendale's reckless record on the issues that matter most to Montanans tells the voters all they need to know about how Rosendale is playing politics for his DC donors and the special interests that own him.'