DeKalb County, GA

05/09/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 05/10/2019 04:34

DeKalb Tackles Brannon Hill Blight

DECATUR, Ga. - Today, DeKalb County continued its efforts to fight blight at Brannon Hill Condominiums by demolishing 56 dilapidated and neglected units.

Since 2017, DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond has enhanced county blight fighting initiatives to address derelict properties. DeKalb County has demolished 124 units at Brannon Hill since 2017, removed debris and addressed public safety needs at the site.

'DeKalb's continued efforts to stabilize the Brannon Hill community sends a powerful message that eliminating blight remains a top priority,' said CEO Thurmond. 'The county has established a process that focuses on improving quality of life and mitigating negative impacts such as increased crime and health risks.'

In order to remediate blight on private property, DeKalb County must first receive a court order issuing permission to proceed. On November 20, 2018, the county obtained a final court order to demolish four buildings (56 units) after owners failed to bring the units into code compliance. The privately owned units were cited for numerous code violations including high weed and grass, vacant and unsecured structures, failure to register vacant dwelling, and disrepair and damaged roof.In 2017, the county began a phased approach to cleaning up the Brannon Hill complex and demolishing vacant and damaged units. Phase I consisted of demolishing two buildings (28 units) and removing more than 1,200 tons of debris in July 2017. Phase II consisted of demolishing an additional two buildings (40 units) in December 2017.

The county has increased police presence and safety patrols at the complex. Future blight remediation activities include repairing a large sinkhole located on the property.

This year, the DeKalb County Demolitions and Abatements Task Force directed approximately 30 countywide demolitions and abatements. In 2017, CEO Thurmond created the task force to ensure that county blight activities were coordinated and expedited between departments.