10/16/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/16/2019 06:02

Snam and Terna: alliance against cyber crime

Agreement between the two infrastructural companies to ensure the security of the grid and prevent cyber threats. It may also be extended to other energy companies

Rome, 16 October 2019 - Synergistic actions to identify, prevent and counter potential threats, attacks and damage to IT infrastructure, aiming to ensure increased security and protection of electricity and gas systems and networks, which are considered critical elements of national interest, plus the opportunity to share best practices and knowledge acquired on cybersecurity issues with other relevant companies in the energy sector: these are the main objectives of the memorandum of understanding on cyber security signed today in Rome, within the framework of the States General of the Italian Energy Transition, by Snam CEO Marco Alverà and Terna CEO Luigi Ferraris, representing the companies which, respectively, manage the gas transportation, storage and regasification infrastructure and high-voltage electricity transmission infrastructure in Italy.

With this bilateral agreement, Snam and Terna undertake to share and analyse information to prevent and counter attacks or damage that could affect the functioning of both companies' critical IT infrastructure and discuss initiatives to be taken regarding information protection and security event management strategies.

The agreement, which offers an important contribution to the architecture of current national cybersecurity, may also be extended to other companies in the energy sector.