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09/11/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 09/11/2020 00:39

Guo Wenqing Visits Huayuan County of Hunan Province to Guide the Efforts for Poverty Alleviation

On September 8, Mr. Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals' President and Deputy Party Group Secretary and MCC Chairman, visited Huayuan County, Hunan Province to guide the efforts for poverty alleviation, and visited the acting deputy county magistrate and resident secretary.

Huayuan County, under the jurisdiction of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Hunan Province, is one of the six counties under the poverty alleviation program undertaken by China Minmetals. It is an old revolutionary base area and a key county included in the national plan for poverty alleviation through development. In November 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the important statement of 'Targeted Poverty Alleviation' in Huayuan County and provided an important direction for poverty alleviation across China.

On the morning of September 8, after five hours' journey, Guo Wenqing arrived in Huayuan County. He asked many questions about the progress of poverty alleviation programs developed by China Minmetals, such as shiitake mushroom cultivation and duck farming; the progress of poverty alleviation through industrial development, such as new preserved pork workshop and tea-seed oil processing workshop; and the role of poverty alleviation through industrial development in assisting poverty-stricken households.

The first stop of Guo Wenqing was Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation Demo Base financed by China Minmetals. Since 2017, China Minmetals has firmly implemented the poverty alleviation featuring 'specialty, precision and long-term efficiency', and adhered to the principle of 'centralized input and demonstration'. As a result, effective efforts of poverty alleviation through industrial development have been made in shiitake mushroom cultivation and duck farming in Huayuan County, making it rank among 50 Outstanding Cases of Targeted Poverty Alleviation by Enterprises of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development.

Guo walked into the greenhouse and checked the mushroom-stick in rows. He learned about the living environment and cycle of the mushroom, asked about the scale, output and sales of the base, and in particular concerned himself with how the base drives targeted poverty alleviation. When he was told that China Minmetals helped Huayuan County build over 100 mushroom greenhouses with an annual output of 150,000 kilograms, and more than 600 people from 150 poverty-stricken households have obtained income by participating in the base construction, doing odd jobs and cultivating mushroom, he was very happy. He, therefore, fully recognized the efforts of China Minmetals in poverty alleviation in Changle Town, Huayuan County.

Guo said that in recent years, China Minmetals has put enormous resources for partner assistance into Huayuan County, and created multiple poverty alleviation industry demo bases. For the moment, these poverty alleviation programs have had a certain scale and played the role of demonstration. He encouraged the Poverty Alleviation Office and Officials of China Minmetals to ensure a sound development and operation of poverty alleviation programs in Huayuan County, to further boost the role of demonstration. He also stressed that China Minmetals will vigorously support these poverty alleviation programs by way of boosting the consumption of products from poverty stricken areas and provide assistance to the sustainable development of these programs, to enable such programs to provide sustainable power for lifting poor population out of poverty and increasing their income.

After the visit to poverty alleviation programs, Guo Wenqing went to Changle Central Primary School, which is the only central school in Changle town. There are 544 students from 12 administrative villages, including 438 left-behind children, and 208 registered households. At the playground, Guo joined a simple but loving donation ceremony. The representatives of students put the red scarf around Guo's neck while Guo Wenqing, on behalf of China Minmetals, donated 580 care packages, 5 table tennis tables and 150 pairs of table tennis racket to Changle Central Primary School, and had a group photo with the students and the teachers. Before leaving, Guo asked the Party Secretary of Changle town and the principal of the school if there are any other difficulties. He said that the students are the future of our country and the hope of our people, and we must take care of and foster our lovely kids to let them grow up healthily and become successful talents in the future.

After leaving the school, Guo Wenqing headed to Shibadong village. On November 3, 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping ever visited Shibadong village in Huayuan County. Here, Xi put forward the important statement of 'Targeted Poverty Alleviation', and the requirement of 'being practical, considering local conditions and giving targeted guidance and targeted poverty alleviation', requiring that Shibadong village shall not only lift itself out of poverty, but also explore the practice that is 'replicable and scalable'.

At the ground in front of Shibadong Village Committee, Luo Ming, Secretary of the County Committee, presided over the donation ceremony. At the donation ceremony, Guo Wenqing, on behalf of China Minmetals, donated RMB 1.6 million to Shibadong village for assisting Miao Village Illumination Project and Preserved Pork Workshop. Guo said that General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Shibadong village in 2013, and the scenes of Xi's care for the villagers on the television are still fresh in my mind. Over the past years, the officials and villagers of Shibadong village kept Xi's care in mind and followed Xi's guidance, and earthshaking changes have taken place in Shibadong village. As a central SOE engaging in targeted poverty alleviation, we, at China Minmetals, are really happy to see what happened here. Guo said that we brought our sincerity to Shibadong village for poverty alleviation, with the explicit goal of solving problems. China Minmetals has helped the building of a preserved pork workshop with an annual production of 50,000 kilograms and an annual output of over RMB 6 million in Shuzi village, Huayuan County, playing the role of serving as an example. This time, Shibadong village is expected to replicate this model, for which we will provide our full support. We wish that Shibadong Village Committee ensure a good planning, a reasonable use of funds and a sound development, to build a good project that will drive the increase in villagers' income and bring long-lasting prosperity and stability. Meanwhile, Shibadong Village Committee shall ensure the construction of illumination project and use environmentally friendly, durable and energy-saving lamps, and improve the living standards in this ancient village to create safety and convenience for the villagers and tourists.

At Shibadong village, Guo learned about the process and outcome of poverty alleviation, and visited some households, and talked with the old folks of Miao village. He wishes them good health and longevity, and used his own money to buy some pears and dried fish and other local specialties from local people, taking the lead in supporting the consumption of products from poverty stricken areas.

When the old folks of Miao village vividly talked about the process of poverty alleviation in Shibadong village and passionately recalled the moments of Xi's visit, Guo was deeply touched. He said that after following the important instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping for poverty alleviation, Shibadong village, a poor and backward village in the past, witnessed earthshaking changes here. Xi is not only the great leader of our people, but also the icon of our generation. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), General Secretary Xi Jinping personally took charge and visited many places for poverty alleviation, and made multiple important instructions, thus providing the fundamental guiding principle for winning the battle against poverty. Guo also said that during the process of visiting to Shibadong village, he could truly feel Xi's core position on the Party Central Committee and in the Party as a whole as well as the historical mission of Chinese people's leader and his care for the people. Guo stressed that the reason for us to pay the visit to Shibadong village is to earnestly study the important statement made by Xi about poverty alleviation again, have a deep understanding of the significance of winning the battle against the poverty and truly let our ideology and action be integrated into the plans and policies made by the Party Central committee, to spare no efforts to win the battle against poverty.

Guo stressed that the year 2020 is the deadline for winning the battle against poverty. As a central SOE, China Minmetals shall earnestly study and understand the guiding principles embodied in the speech by General Secretary Xi Jinping in the symposium for poverty alleviation, firmly implement the plans and policies made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. Beyond that, China Minmetals shall get back the time elapsed due to the COVID-19 pandemic to start the operation of programs as early as possible, and provide more assistance to the consumption of products from rural areas, to contribute more to winning the battle against poverty in 6 counties including Huayuan County.

During his visit to Huayuan County, Guo also exchanges views with the leaders of Xiangxi Tujia & Miao Autonomous Prefecture and the County Committee of Huayuan County on poverty alleviation through industrial development and metal mining development. Guo also, on behalf of China Minmetals, donated 5 table tennis tables and 100 pairs of table tennis rackets to the People's Government of Huayuan County.

Jiao Jian, China Minmetals' Vice President and Party Group Member, Xiang Dingtian, Vice Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, Luo Ming, Secretary of Huayuan County Committee, and the leaders of relevant departments and organizations including Chai Shan, Wang Wenhai and Zhao Zhishun, accompanied the visit.