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10/05/2021 | Press release | Archived content

Kingspan Unidek's New Solar PV Brings It Closer to Sustainability Goals

Kingspan Unidek in Gemert has officially launched the nearly 13,000 solar panels on the company's roof into service in July. From now on, the solar power generated by the new solar PV will cover nearly half of the on-site energy consumption, thus contributing significantly to Kingspan's sustainability objective of increasing our on-site generation of renewable energy to 20% by 2030.

The high-quality insulation material on the roof of Kingspan Unidek in Gemert is one of our own products and very suitable for mounting solar panels. Based on the size of the complex, it was possible to install 12,979 solar panels that together generate around 4,430 MWh of sustainable solar energy; equivalent to the energy consumption of some 1,300 households.

To bring this project to life, Kingspan Unidek has entered into a partnership agreement with Eneco, a leading company in the field of renewable energy, for a period of 20 years during which the management and maintenance of the solar panels will be carried out by Eneco. The generated solar energy is directly available for use by Kingspan, thus allowing the company to take a major step towards lowering its CO2 emissions; a reduction of some 2,037 tonnes. This corresponds to the annual CO2 absorption of around 92,500 trees.

Jos Berkers, financial manager at Kingspan Unidek stated: