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08/11/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 08/11/2021 22:23

eBay’s Q2 2021 Business Results

Seller Community -

A few hours ago we released eBay's Q2 earnings report with exceptionally strong results. Here are some of the key takeaways.

  • Overall, our Q2 2021 results finished ahead of expectations with total GMV at $22.1B.
  • We saw strong growth in eBay's high-value buyer base - resulting in a higher quality mix of shoppers with increased value for sellers.
  • Our Focus Category strategy is working and we will continue leaning into product and technology investment to build the core.

High-Value Buyers

Today's earnings report shows us beating almost all key metrics - but there's one in particular to call out: our increase in the number of high-value buyerson the marketplace. High-value buyers, those who purchase at least six times and spend $800+ on eBay annually, make up ~20% of our total number while driving ~75% of our GMV. And as the number of high-value buyers on eBay has risen, so has the velocity of their spending.

For example, sneakers buyers spend on average ~$2000 across 10+ categories, while luxury watches shoppers spend ~$8000 on more than 50 items in different eBay categories. High-value buyers and enthusiasts are core to our focus category strategy - trading cards, sneakers, luxury watchesand luxury handbags- and ultimately benefit the larger marketplace.

Focus Categories

I want to highlight Trading CardsQ2 results - which in the first half of 2021 hit $2 billion transactions (equal to ALL of 2020). This category, where eBay is unrivaled in its legacy, inventory and community, recently launched two new tools: Price Guideand Collection. These new tools create a single window to view, manage trading card portfolios, and even weigh opportunities for trades - all with the goal of increasing collection value.

Price Guide and Collection are examples of products built to serve one category with the goal of expanding to others - in this instance the larger Collectibles category. It's a similar approach to our Authenticity Guaranteeservice for luxury watches, which has migrated to sneakersand luxury handbags. In one year, our Authenticity Guarantee has authenticated more than one million items and fundamentally changed how people engage on eBay.

Vehicle Parts & Automotive

One of our strongest performing categories, P&A, also saw new innovations in Q2 - like enhancements to My Garage and the new Visual Diagram Shopping - to make searching and purchasing easier. Sellers in this category can expect more P&A momentum as we work to make eBay thedestination for mechanics and DIYers looking for great inventory and value.


In the wake of our Q2 earnings, I am inspired by how far we've come in our journey to deliver the best global marketplace for Sellers. We have a proven playbook, led by our tech-led reimagination, to make us confident in our future and I am excited to see where our strategy takes us…

Of course, all of this would be impossible without your partnership, support and feedback. You power one of the most unique, diverse and extensive marketplace inventories in the world, and we will remain focused on innovating and improving to make eBay your selling platform of choice.

While we are encouraged by this quarter's results, there is a lot to look forward to as we think about the holidays and planning for 2022. So, look out for more updates and trend data to come, and - as always - thank you for selling on eBay.


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