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09/21/2020 | News release | Distributed by Public on 09/21/2020 02:50

During the maneuvers 'Kavkaz-2020' at the 'Prudboy' training ground near Volgograd, commanders and headquarters of formations will work out a set of special tasks

21.09.2020 (02:00)

The maneuvers 'Kavkaz-2020' at the 'Prudboy' training ground is attended by units of the Southern Military District (SMD) and Airborne troops stationed in the Volgograd region.

The exercises began with bringing the personnel of the formations to the highest level of combat readiness, during which they worked out the issues of preparing weapons and military equipment for relocation and combat use, as well as loading material reserves.

Today, the military marched in a combined way and as part of mechanized columns to the areas of concentration to receive further orders.

The advance of troops on tracked vehicles passes through rough terrain. In accordance with the task, columns of armored vehicles move along field and rokad roads of local use in conditions of high dust. During marches, the units of the Southern Military District and airborne troops are constantly affected by the sabotage forces of the mock enemy, slowing down the movement of units to the places where they perform tasks for their intended purpose.

The exercise near Volgograd involves BMP-2 and BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles, T-90A tanks, 2S19 self-propelled artillery guns, as well as Mi-8 AMTSh transport and assault helicopters and other multi-purpose equipment.

In the process of solving combat training tasks, the commanders and headquarters of the Southern Military District and the Airborne troops will jointly improve their practical skills in continuous control of the actions of subordinate forces during a conditional battle, organizing and maintaining interaction between subunits while repelling attacks of a mock enemy.

About 80 thousand people (including formations and units of combat, logistics and technical support, as well as air defense, Navy and special forces units (National guard and Ministry of Emergency Situations) were involved in the maneuvers 'Kavkaz-2020' on the territory of the Southern Military District, which is held from September 21 to 26. At the same time, the maximum number of personnel involved in military units that fall under the Vienna document of 2011 in the exercise, conducted under a single operational command, will be up to 12,900 military personnel.

Up to 250 tanks, up to 450 infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, up to 200 artillery systems and multiple launch rocket systems will be involved in the practical actions of the troops (forces) at the training grounds.

In addition, military formations from Armenia, Belarus, China, Mongolia, Myanmar and Pakistan are invited to the exercise to practice joint actions as part of groups of troops (forces). In total, up to 1,000 foreign military personnel are invited.