Nita Lowey

08/13/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 08/13/2019 16:02

Lowey Announces $2M in Department of Energy Grants for Small Businesses in Westchester

WESTCHESTER, NY - Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY17/Rockland-Westchester) announced that Bettergy in Peekskill, NY, has been awarded $1,049,832 and Hypres Inc. in Elmsford, NY, has been awarded $999,817 in federal grants for research and development through the Department of Energy's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs.

'Investing in the scientific research happening in our small businesses will boost the economy in the Lower Hudson Valley and fuel research and development across the country,' said Congresswoman Lowey. 'The technology generated in America's small businesses is not only critical to meeting our energy needs, but it plays a crucial role in our national security. I am pleased that these grants will be used by Bettergy and Hypres to generate high skilled job opportunities for New Yorkers and provide for the development of a greener, more energy efficient world.'

Founded in 2008, Bettergy is an advanced materials and nanoengineering company. This Peekskill company was awarded the SBIR grant to further develop its Integrated Multichannel Reactor for Pre-Combustion Carbon Capture. 'Bettergy is very grateful to have received this DOE Award,' said Bettergy President Dr. Lin-Feng Li. 'The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is of great importance to society. This funding will help us develop a critical technology that will enable cost-effective capture of carbon dioxide that is produced in industrial processes,' added Dr. Zhong Tang, Bettergy's Senior Manager of Advanced Membrane Technology and the Principal Investigator for the DOE project.

Hypres Inc. focuses on producing a superconductor which enables machines to compute at a higher level, ultimately expanding their capacity. With this grant, Hypres Inc. says it will install ground-based telescopes to study the radiation left over from the Big Bang to better understand the early universe. If successful, this research will result in significant progress in our understanding of the universe and fundamental physics.

'Hypres is very excited that the Dept of Energy has decided to continue the work on High Energy Physics Detectors and Instrumentation with this SBIR Phase II following the successful Phase I results,' said Richard Hitt, Hypres CEO. 'This is an important contribution to our continuing work in applying principles of physics to detection technology for terrestrial-based deep space exploration. It also has secondary application to scalable quantum computing that has been a Hypres focus for several years. We appreciate the interest Congresswoman Lowey has shown in this cutting edge technology and its potential for advancing science as well as commercial applications.'

As Chairwoman of the House Appropriations Committee, Congresswoman Lowey led the House in passing a Fiscal Year 2020 spending package that included a total of $37.1 billion for the Department of Energy, an increase of $1.4 billion above the Fiscal Year 2019 level. If passed by the Senate, these investments would continue to build upon the Research and Development happening in the Lower Hudson Valley.