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02/01/2017 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 02/02/2017 11:35

Pavel Filip at the exhibition “Fabricat in Moldova”: We should create necessary conditions for entrepreneurs to be able to produce quality goods

Prime Minister Pavel Filip today attended the opening of the 16th issue of the national exhibition 'Fabricat in Moldova,' (Made in Moldova).

In a message addressed to entrepreneurs, the Prime Minister welcomed the organization of the exhibition and turning it into a yearly tradition. Pavel Filip also highlighted the contribution brought to the support and promotion of Moldovan producers. 'I thank you for the good organization of the event and for ambition to turn it into a regional one, as Moldova should become a regional actor as well,' Pavel Filip said.

At the same time, the Prime Minister reiterated the government's openness for a continuous dialogue with business people, stressing that the cabinet would further take needed efforts to ensure the development of the Moldovan industries. 'We must take care of our producers, but not by imposing obstacles to import. We should create necessary conditions for entrepreneurs to be able to produce quality goods, which ensure their quality on the domestic market, on the market of the European Union and the one of the Commonwealth of Independent States area,' the Prime Minister noted.

The prime minister referred also to the reforms promoted by the government to back the business environment and to the importance of the Moldova - EU Association Agreement in creating needed conditions for the development of the business community and improving the citizens' living standards. 'We finished the 2016 year by stabilizing the economic situation; I want the same energy and effort be made in 2017 as well, not to manage a crisis, but to ensure the development, edification and growth of the national economy,' Pavel Filip stressed.

Also, the Prime Minister visited stands with Moldovan products displayed. He discussed with entrepreneurs their activity, measures due to be undertaken by authorities to support the development of the business community and ensure competitiveness of goods made in Moldova.

The 2017 issue of the exhibition is titled, Through Quality to Competitiveness, and brings together over 350 economic agents of Moldova.