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Travelling From the UAE to the Philippines: The Latest Flight News and Status

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Updated 6 September 2021

The Philippines entices visitors with its emerald green rice paddies, white sandy beaches, captivating underground rivers and caves, along with its unmistakably unique cultural heritage.

The Philippines has recently lifted its travel ban from 10 countries including the UAE, but does the lifting of the ban means Emiratis can now visit the country for leisure purposes? Let's familiarize ourselves with the latest travel guidelines and restrictions on travelling to the Philippines from the UAE.

Can I travel to the Philippines from the UAE?

Yes, if you're travelling for essential reasons and are willing to spend 14-days of institutional quarantine.

Unfortunately, the lifting of the ban has not extend to international tourism just yet. In most cases, it only applies to diplomats, foreign spouses of Filipino citizens, and holders of other special visas. For the time being, international tourists remain banned from entering the Philippines regardless of vaccination status.

Who can enter The Philippines right now?

At present, the categories of travellers allowed entry are as follows:

  • Filipino nationals
  • Non-Filipino/Foreign spouse and minor children or children with special needs of a Filipino national
  • Non-Filipino/Foreign parent of a minor Filipino child (18 years old and below) or a child with special needs (regardless of age)
  • Former Filipinos (Balikbayan Program), Dual Citizens
  • Spouse/Children of Former Filipino Nationals (Balikbayan Program)
  • Accredited foreign government and international organization officials and their dependents
  • Non-Filipino/Foreign seafarers with 9(c) visa
  • Non-Filipino/Foreign nationals in possession of valid certificates
  • Non-Filipino/Foreign nationals with an eligible visa
  • Investors granted with Special Investor's Lane Authority

The Philippines entry regulations

The Philippines is not currently open for tourism, consequently, all international flights to and from the country are allowed only for essential purposes.

Entry to the Philippines is available only for eligible international travellers and returning Filipinos. Those wishing to enter the Philippines are required to register their details via the One Health Pass portal.

All arrivals to Philippines must download the Traze Appto generate and scan their QR code when entering in, boarding from, and upon arriving in all Philippine Airports.

Visa requirements

Apart from Filipino nationals, foreign travellers with valid and existing visa as well as those with entry exemption documents may gain entry into the Philippines. Tourist visas are not currently being issued in line with the government's policy of suspending tourism activities until the national vaccination rate has reached 70 to 80 percent.

Under normal circumstances, Emirati nationals may enter the Philippines visa-free for a period of 30 days.You can read more about the Philippines tourist visa requirements here.

Flights from the UAE to the Philippines

Emirates Airline, Cebu Pacific, and Philippine Airlines are currently servicing direct route flights from Dubai to Manila and Cebu. Etihad Airways also provides direct daily flights from Abu Dhabi to Manila.

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