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05/21/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 05/21/2019 21:42

Vector maps, parameter actions, new Tableau Server browsing experience, and more—now available in 2019.2

Parameter actions

Unleash your analytical creativity with parameter actions-the sky's the limit with this simple, but powerful feature. With parameter actions, you now have the ability to visually change a parameter's value. By interacting with marks on a viz, you can drive reference lines, calculations, filters, and even SQL queries, bringing visual interactivity to your data like never before.

Vector maps, new map styles, spatial calculations

We're bringing a richer mapping experience to Tableau with vector-based maps. Vector-based maps look sharper and smoother as you pan, zoom in, and zoom out to explore your geospatial data. We're also introducing brand-new map styles and layers. Bring more life and context to your data with Street, Satellite, and Outdoor styles, as well as building footprints, subway and train stations, and points-of-interest layers.

But there's more-we've also brought spatial calculations to 2019.2. MakeLine support makes it easy to create two-point origin-destination maps, such as flight maps of airline routes, metro maps showing subway lines, and weather maps of storm paths. And with MakePoint, you can now turn latitude and longitude values from any data source (like text files or Excel) into spatial fields for use in spatial joins.