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01/19/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 01/19/2021 15:56

COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Toolkit for Essential Workers: Getting Started

In some states, essential workers already have access to vaccines to help protect them against COVID-19. These vaccines will be available to essential workers across the nation soon. CDC has provided a toolkit to help employers educate their essential workers about this important new prevention tool.

Who is this toolkit for?

This toolkit is designed for employers of essential workers. Essential workers perform duties across critical infrastructure sectors and maintain the services and functions that U.S. residents depend on daily. Examples of the many types of essential workers include police officers, firefighters, and people working in education, child care centers, and grocery stores.

What is the purpose of this toolkit?

This toolkit will help your organization educate employees about COVID-19 vaccines, raise awareness about the benefits of vaccination, and address common questions and concerns.

What is in the toolkit?

The toolkit contains a variety of resources that you can use virtually or in person (with proper COVID-19 safety precautions):

How can I get started?

  • Adapt the key messages to the language, tone, and format that will resonate with your organization. You know what works for your employees.
  • Use these key messages to customize the template letter and send or email it to your employees to introduce your COVID-19 vaccine educational activities.
  • Print copies of the posters and FAQs and use them as handouts.
  • Organize a COVID-19 vaccine presentation for your employees and promote it via digital and employee communication channels. If you are able, organize a virtual presentation. If not, organize an in-person presentation following COVID-19 safety precautions. Ask if your local health department can provide a speaker if you do not have a health educator on staff. Distribute copies of the FAQs.
  • Hang posters in highly visible places in your offices, buildings, and other employee locations.
  • Continue to educate your workforce via articles, blog posts, and social media posts.
  • Invite your employees to wear stickers once they have been vaccinated and post vaccination selfies on social media.

If you are not already working with your local health department, consider reaching out for assistance. The health department's immunization program can help coordinate vaccination clinics, provide speakers for presentations, and offer other types of expertise.

Can I put my organization's logo on these materials?

  • You can put your organization's logo on materials that have a 'Your Logo Here' square, but you should leave the CDC URL (www.cdc.gov) on those materials.

Will this toolkit be expanded?

Yes, CDC will continue to add more materials to this toolkit. Please check back frequently for updates.