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02/13/2020 | News release | Distributed by Public on 02/13/2020 14:37

ICYMI: Ernst and the Republican Party Make Clear Their Intention to Cut Social Security and Medicare

Des Moines, IA - Over the last several days, Senator Ernst and the GOP have repeatedly admitted that they are looking for ways to cut essential benefits like Social Security and Medicare. Yesterday, audio was released of Senator Ernst at a closed-door fundraiser in Washington, DC saying that Medicare spending is 'out of control' and that some 'changes' needed to be made to the program. This follows comments she made several months ago where she said Social Security needed to be fixed 'behind closed doors' in order to avoid public scrutiny.

Also yesterday, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin admitted that the Trump administration budget, which was released earlier this week, would make cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

'This is just another instance in an ongoing pattern of behavior by Sen. Ernst and the GOP of saying one thing to Iowans and doing the complete opposite when given the chance,' said Emily Holley, executive director of Iowa Voices. 'It's time Senator Ernst stops supporting policies that would eliminate our pre-existing conditions coverage, cut our Social Security and Medicare benefits, and harm hardworking Iowans. We're asking Iowans to reach out to Sen. Ernst and tell her to disavow her Medicare and Social Security comments and tell the administration that she won't support their slash-and-burn tactics when it comes to essential programs.'


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