Ministry of Defence of the Croatian Republic

05/28/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 05/28/2019 07:38

Grand Changing of the Guards marks Croatian Army Day

The 28th anniversary of the establishment of the Croatian Armed Forces and the Croatian Army Day was celebrated with a series of festivities in the squares and streets of Zagreb on 26 May 2019.

The formal marking in the centre of Zagreb opened with a concert by the Orchestra of the Croatian Armed Forces in Zrinjevac Park, and included the Grand Changing of the Guards in St Mark's Square by the Honorary and Protection Battalion, in the presence of the Speaker of the Croatian Parliament Gordan Jandroković, of the Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Damir Krstičević, of the Envoy of the President of the Republic Zrinko Petener, of the Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces General Mirko Šundov and of the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of thje Croatian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Drago Matanović, of the Ambassador of the State of Israel Ilan Moro and other senior civiliann and military officials.

The performance on the occasion of the Croatian Army Day ushered in the Changing of the Guards season 2019, to take place on Saturdays through 8 October.
Following the ceremony Minister Krstičević congratulated the members of the Croatian Army Day and remembered the Grand Changing was revived by the decision of the present Croatian Government after 17 years.

'The ceremony symbolises the Croatian identity and the values of the Homeland War, and promotes the military profession and is a tourist attraction too', said the Minister.

The Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Froces General Šundov extended his congratulations to the enlisted soldiers, NCOs and officers serving at home and deployed in operations and missions worldwide.

'I am grateful to them for their hard work and commitment invested to enable the Croatian Armed Forces fulfill all their tasks assigned under the Constitution, laws and orders', said General Šundov.
The Commander of the Croatian Army Major General Siniša Jurković reminded of the return of the Croatian Armed Forces units to Vukovar, Varaždin, Sinj and Ploče and the excellent co-operation with the local governments.

'It is of mutual benefit to for the citizens and for the soldiers to return the units to the towns; working close to their homes the soldiers are satisfied, better motivated,and performing'said Maj Gen. Jurković.

The Commander of the Honorary and Protection Battalion Colonel Elvis Burčul said the Battalion was a distinctive symbol of Croatian statehood.

'The young service personnel performing today demonstrated the trainedness and abilities of the Croatian soldiers, Excellency is a requirement to join the Honorary and Protection Battalion; it only admits the best candidates' said Colonel Burčul.

It was followed by the walking musical performance by the Orchestra of the Croatian Armed Forces Nako and by ceremonial drills by the Honorary and Protection Battalion.