City of St. Louis, MO

12/06/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 12/06/2019 15:56

City of St. Louis Takes Legal Action against T.E.H. Realty

Today, the City of St. Louis filed a petition in the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court to enjoin a public nuisance against SM-T.E.H. Realty 3, LLC, the owner of the Southwest Crossing Apartments complex in south St. Louis. For several years, SM-T.E.H. Realty 3, LLC has maintained and continues to maintain a nuisance property at this location, which poses a threat to the public safety and welfare of the residents of the City. The City has cited SM-T.E.H. Realty 3, LLC for 68 property code violations, which remain unabated, and has condemned 14 units for failure to secure certificates of inspections as required by City code. SM-T.E.H. Realty 3, LLC has also failed to maintain a refuse provider as required by City code and failed to maintain a management company capable of managing a complex of this size. For these reasons and more, the City is now asking the Court to intervene and order SM-T.E.H. Realty 3, LLC to take corrective action or order the property be sold. The City stands ready, willing and able to help facilitate any potential sale of the property to a responsible owner and will continue to cite SM-T.E.H. Realty 3, LLC for any additional violations in the interim.