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Minister R. Karoblis to meet with Minister of Defence of Sweden P. Hultqvist in Vilnius

On January 11 Minister of National Defence of Lithuania Raimundas Karoblis will meet with Minister of Defence of Sweden Peter Hultqvist who will be conducting a formal visit in Lithuania. Ministers will discuss the security situation in the region, bilateral defence cooperation between Lithuania and Sweden and the efforts to strengthen national capabilities. The meetings will also be attended by Vice Ministers of National Defence Vytautas Umbrasas and Edvinas Kerza, Lithuania's cybersecurity situation and cyber-capability consolidation will be presented.

The Ministers will give great focus to the European Union and NATO initiatives, share information on their plans and objectives for the short term. Both countries a part of the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) aimed at strengthening the cooperation among European Union countries in security and defence.

On Thursday the Swedish Delegation will also pay a visit to the Defence Staff of the Lithuanian Armed Forces and meet with members of the NATO Force Integration Unit in Lithuania.

During the visit in Lithuania Swedish Defence Minister P. Hultqvist plans attending the informal Snow Meeting of security policy experts on January 11-12.

Lithuanian-Swedish defence cooperation

The Lithuanian-Swedish defence cooperation has been active since Lithuania's restoration of independence. Prior to Lithuania's NATO accession, defence cooperation between Lithuania and Sweden focused on Sweden's assistance to the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Weaponry and equipment was transferred, projects of medical assistance, fitting up sea and coastal surveillance system, air defence battalion, and air base, to name but a few, were completed, and Lithuanian officers studied at Swedish military education institutions.

Lithuania and Sweden cooperate as part of various multinational security and defence formats, such as the European Union Common Security and Defence Policy, Joint Expeditionary Force, Nordic-Baltic 8, etc.

The present-day cooperation between Lithuanian and Swedish militaries is developed at unit level, with the closest cooperation ongoing between air, maritime and military medical services. Sweden's and Lithuania's navies train in various international exercises in the Baltic region on a regular basis. Practical cooperation between the two countries is planned to be continued in the future as well.

For the Media:

Official welcome ceremony for the minister of Defence of Sweden will take place in front of the MoD building (Totorių str. 25). at 11.35-11.45 a.m.

Photo: Courtesy of the Ministry of Defence of Poland