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09/10/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 09/10/2020 05:47

Makedonski Telekom created the Skopje ZOO application for providing a digital experience to all the visitors at the Skopje ZOO

  • Online tickets, digital navigation and educational info on more than 500 animals

Discover the colourful and multifaceted animal world at the Skopje ZOO through the new Skopje ZOO mobile application, which is available in Play Store and App Store as of today. The launching of the interactive application, which will provide a completely new experience for the visitors by means of technology, marks the beginning of the partnership between Makedonski Telekom and the Skopje ZOO.

One of the main features of the application is that for the first time ever it will be possible to buy single or group tickets online, which is more than welcome at a time of recommended social distancing. The Skopje ZOO application also comprises a navigation map which, once you select the animal or the location that you wish to see, shows you the easiest route that will take you there.

In addition, the application also enables interactive education with fun facts about the animals. A board with a QR code is placed before each animal and if you scan the code it will display information about the animal in front of you. More than 500 animals of 83 species are organized according to categories so that you can get around better and enhance your experience as a visitor.

This interactive application has been designed by Makedonski Telekom employees in order to ensure an unforgettable digital experience for the visitors at the Skopje ZOO. The involvement and the utter dedication of the employees during the development of the application has enabled us to create an interactive application which, in addition to being interesting and educational for the youngest generations, also enables easier digital navigation for all the other visitors. The employees are actively involved in the implementation of projects and ideas in which technology is used for the benefit of society and by means of this application they are making their own contribution to the creation of a human-centric digital society.

In the future it is expected that the Skopje ZOO application will continue being upgraded with new features which would ensure much more fun and educational contents for the users.

Download the Skopje ZOO application
The application has been created for all the visitors at the Skopje ZOO, it is user-friendly and there is no need to create a user profile. It is available in three languages and it can be downloaded free of charge at:

Online purchase of tickets is also available via web at the following link: