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05/22/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 05/22/2018 10:25

Budget Roadshow of the Zululand District Municipality


His Worship the Mayor of Zululand District Municipality, Councillor Thulasizwe Buthelezi; His Worship the Mayor of Ulundi Local Municipality, Councillor WM Ntshangase; Amakhosi; Members of the Executive; Indunas and Councillors; Municipal Managers; Heads of Departments; and members of this community.

We are extremely sad for we are aware that we should have had our Roadshow on the 17th of May as was scheduled. But the Devil spoiled all that when a murder amongst us and his accessories assassinated one of our highest leaders in this community. A great leader in our Party, the late Councilllor Sibuyiselo Dlamini, whose life was snuffed out by a hand of an assassin on the 11th of this month. We never imagined that instead of having the Ulundi Roadshow that we will be burying the mortal remains of this great Hero. The very fact that on the day when we all thought we, including him, would be celebrating the Ulundi IDP Show, would be the day when we all sadly be bading farewell to him. Councillor Sibuyiselo Dlamini was a leader of great integrity. He spoke truth to power and this is why he is not amongst us today. He actually told my daughter, Princess Sibuyiselwe who was very close to him that he had information that he was going to be assassinated. He even mentioned the name of who was behind the plot to assassinate him. He also sent an SMS to one friend in Durban in the morning of the 10th of May, a day before he was assassinated, and his SMS which I have seen with my own eyes named the person behind what was then his imminent death. The Poet in the Elegy to the Country Churchyard wrote:.
'Many a Flower is born to blush unseen.
And waste is fragrance in the Desert Air'

I thought of these lines when I heard that he was no more at such a young age.
There is no doubt that this was one of our budding flowers. In fact it had actually blossomed. For me and my wife who have buried 5 children, his passing reminded us of the excruciating pain we felt each time one of our children was called to eternity.

I wish to again reiterate my and my family's deepest condolences to his mother, a staunch member of our Party in her own right. To his fiancée, to the Mayor of Ulundi, and to the Mayor of Zululand District Municipality where he will always be remembered for the yeoman service he rendered to the municipality and to the people of Ulundi and to the people of Zululand. Also to the IFP, we have lost one of our young lions, and we are poorer for his passing. His death leaves a huge void which it is difficult to imagine whether it will ever be filed. To all his Comrades in the Youth Brigade, and the IFP, I express my condolences as well, my area the Buthelezi Traditional area has also lost one of its proudest sons. May he rest in peace.

I want to thank the Mayor of Zululand for inviting me to join you today as he and his team present the Integrated Development Plan and the Budget of the District Municipality for the coming year.

These documents are really a battle plan. They speak of the challenges as well as the victories of local governance in Zululand, and they chart a course towards greater success in all our local municipalities.

Through the IDP and the Budget, the District Municipality is working hand in hand with local municipalities to drive development, uplift communities, and create hope. Indeed, the vision of Ulundi Local Municipality and that of the Zululand District Municipality are one and the same: to serve the people with integrity.

There is a great working partnership here, not only between our public representatives, but between our municipal leadership and the people they serve.

This is good, for the success of Ulundi is close my heart. Most of you will know that, historically, this was the seat of administration of the whole of this Province. From the offices of the KwaZulu Legislative Assembly in Ulundi, I led the erstwhile KwaZulu Government for almost two decades. In all that time, we ran a clean government. Never once was a single allegation of corruption ever levelled against my administration.

I am proud of our legacy.

But I am not here to tell you about the IFP. This is a Local Government event, not a political event, and I am here not as the President of the IFP, but as a life-long citizen of Ulundi who cares about the development of my community. I know that the work of our public representatives will speak for itself. The integrity of our leadership team here in Zululand, and the work that they are putting in, are testimony enough to the worth of the IFP.

Everything that we have achieved has been done in partnership with you, and that is how we will keep working. We know that local development will falter if it is not founded on strong partnerships between government and the community. Government needs to seek the support of the people it serves in every endeavour, to ensure that it has properly understood your needs and is designing a solution that you can agree with and work with.

Roadshows like this are an important way to keep the conversation going between government and the people. This is how we make democracy work. I therefore encourage you to engage with the Mayor and his team today. As citizens of Ulundi we are not just here to listen. We are here to be equipped with information, to ask questions, to tell our representatives what we need, and to become part of the success of local governance.

I am pleased to know that Ulundi is a model for honest and responsive governance. Our representatives here are making decisions with your best interests at heart. Through the assistance and support of the District Municipality, Ulundi Municipality is serving your needs with integrity, accountability, and sound financial management.

These are the principles that guide our leaders as they fulfil their commitment to serve.

Indeed sound financial management is at the core of good governance, because the needs of our communities are always greater than the resources available to meet them. Thus our representatives at municipal level must ensure that every cent is used to the full benefit of the people, and that nothing is lost to mismanagement or corruption.

Tragically, poor financial management has become commonplace in Government today. Every year, billions of Rands are wasted, mismanaged or diverted into someone's pocket. They just don't reach the essential programmes they were meant to fund. Here, however, and in every municipality led by the IFP, we have put in place checks and balances to ensure that corruption never gains a foothold.

We hold our councilors and office bearers to a high standard, demanding that they serve with integrity. This is why the District Municipality engaged a forensic audit when the electorate asked the IFP to lead. We wanted to know exactly what was happening in Zululand, where the money was being spent, and how it could be better used to meet your needs.

It is very discouraging that as I speak now there are inquiries that are going on because of the alleged maladministration and malfeasance in the municipality.

The Budget being presented today has taken into account the most pressing needs in this District, but has also considered how we can anticipate the needs of tomorrow, and prepare to meet those as well. The District Municipality is not satisfied with temporary measures. The underlying principle of this Budget and IDP is that people must be empowered, rather than being kept dependent. We want to see communities uplifted and families becoming self-sufficient.

I have served the people of KwaZulu Natal and the people of South Africa for more than six decades. I am determined to see good governance and service delivery, and I know that these things can only be achieved through a leadership of integrity.

I am confident that, through this Budget and IDP, we are moving in the right direction.

I thank you.