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DEUFOL: „Go-live“ at new plant in Debrecen after only 11 months of construction works

Hofheim am Taunus, 16.09.2020

A little less than 11 months after the ground breaking in early October 2019, DEUFOL, the global market leader for supply chain solutions and industry goods packaging started operations on 1 September 2020 at its new location in Debrecen, Hungary. Close to the International Airport of Debrecen at Wallau Street, the new logistic park is covering an area of around 60.000 sqm of the total 15 hectares of land owned by DEUFOL Hungary in Debrecen South Industrial Park.
The logistic park consists of two halls for logistic purposes of approx. 4.000 sqm each as well as close to 47.000 sqm storage and logistic areas outside, which are partially covered by a canopy.

In addition, an office building has been built. The halls are used by DEUFOL on the one hand to produce packing materials with cutting-edge automated technologies (wooden crates and other wooden packing materials, container pallets, aluminium hoods), and on the other hand to pack a multitude of industry goods of different sizes via straight through processing, partially using powerful cranes. Packing is done inter alia in using a globally unique packing line in a length of approx. 50 meters which has been dedicatedly planned and produced fit for purpose for DEUFOL's use in Debrecen. In addition, the halls are also used for other logistic services.

DEUFOL started its activities in Debrecen in April 2019 and the Hungarian team already consists of around 40 employees. Up until the end of 2021 it is expected that the workforce will grow to around 120 employees. The team, headed locally by Gergő Elek as the Regional Operations Manager Hungary, is supported closely out of other locations of DEUFOL group and is in particular closely linked to the DEUFOL sites in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Germany. In this way, the production capacities can be optimized cross-border and clients can be supported in their logistic needs not just locally but along the complete supply chain, including logistic activities at the sea harbours in Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Antwerp and if required, also in the country of destination of the individual goods to be shipped.

The service portfolio of DEUFOL is completed by tailor-made IT solutions in the supply chain.

For that purpose, DEUFOL has started to build up its own IT resources in Hungary at the new location in Debrecen as part of the global IT team.

Consequently, the young team in Hungary can connect to the knowledge and experience of the mother company as well as more than 90 locations worldwide.

During the launch of operations of the new plant, the two Managing Directors of DEUFOL Hungary, Jürgen Hillen and Jürgen Schmid, pointed out the strategic importance of the new logistic park as a future hub for the growth of the group toward South-East Europe.

From Debrecen, they expect not only to deliver a broad range of logistic services covering the whole supply chain for existing international clients and new Hungarian customers, but also an expansion into further areas of Hungary and its neighbouring countries. Mobile packaging teams, as well as small satellite locations will in addition ensure in the future to cover client demand wherever needed.

At the new Debrecen location the now active logistic park is already busy with one large and long lasting client. However, DEUFOL Hungary stands ready to take over lots of additional business.

So far, DEUFOL has invested in the new Debrecen logistic park an amount clearly surpassing € 20 million.

For future expansions of the business at the new location, there is further 90.000 sqm land available.

With the short construction time for the already operating logistic park, DEUFOL has demonstrated that its company slogan "removing limits" not only stands for the logistic services itselves, but also for its capabilities to offer client specific infrastructure anytime within a reasonably short lead time.

The fast completion of the construction and the strategic investment was possible thanks to not only the companies performing the construction, but also due to the support of the Hungarian Government, HIPA, the municipality of Debrecen, as well as the local authorities like EDC and DIC in Debrecen.

As a consequence of the current CORONA-development, the official Grand Opening ceremony of the logistic park cannot take place as planned in September 2020.

As soon as the circumstances allow, DEUFOL will organize this event. In addition, visitors days are planned, during which interested parties and potential clients can get an insight into the new logistic park, the services offered and the service portfolio of DEUFOL group in its entirety.

On 16 September 2020, the new logistic park at Wallau utca 2 has been officially handed over to perform its purpose at a closed press event. The road is named after the township of Hofheim-Wallau in the Rhine-Main area where DEUFOL SE, the mother company of DEUFOL Hungary is seated. With the street naming, the Municipality of Debrecen is following its approach to name the roads in the new South Industrial Park with a reference to those companies locating there first.

DEUFOL Hungary is continuing to expand its team and services in Debrecen. For more information and job openings, please visit our website at

On DEUFOl-group
DEUFOL-Group is a global supplier of innovative supply chain solutions, industry goods packaging and related services. Its scope of services also covers intelligent IT solutions along the entire supply chain. DEUFOL SE being seated in Hofheim-Wallau close to Frankfurt / Main has subsidiaries and branches in 91 locations in 12 countries around the globe and has a workforce of around 2,200 employees. In 2019 the group had total sales of € 247 million.

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