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Workplace enters into strategic partnership with Keyrus to accelerate a global ...



Press Release

Workplace enters into strategic partnership with Keyrus to accelerate a global roll-out for corporations and mid-sized companies

Levallois-Perret, June 3, 2021 - Keyrus, an international player in the fields of Data Intelligence, Digital Technology and Consulting on the Management and Transformation of enterprises, has announced a global partnership with Workplace, a collaborative communication tool for companies, developed by Facebook. This move will allow Keyrus to expand its Digital Workplace offering dedicated to facilitating its clients' digital transformation and boost their staff's engagement and productivity.

Workplace offers companies new ways of communicating, with a focus on conversation, engagement and collaboration. It allows companies to bring all their employees together in one digital space with a view to stimulating and facilitating their engagement while making it easier for them to capitalize on their knowledge.

Workplace also allows management to be more accessible to employees and maintain closer ties with them, especially when it comes to frontline workers out in the field. One of the main advantages of Workplace is that it doesn't take long to learn and implement - generally just a few weeks, depending on the size of the organization.

Workplace offers a native mobile user experience that most people are already familiar with and also has a very robust instant-messaging application. Workplace is suitable for SMEs, large multinationals and rapidly growing companies alike as it can be adapted to a firm of any size without the need for any additional technical developments.

In 2018, Keyrus became one of its very first users, adopting it for its own digital workplace needs. When it saw how quickly its staff learned to use the tool and what a positive impact it was having throughout the group, Keyrus soon formed a digital operations team dedicated to helping its clients launch Workplace, providing consulting on aspects ranging from technical implementation to company-wide roll-out.

Over the past year, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated digitalization within organizations. The market's receptiveness to this kind of solution and the dynamics between the two entities naturally led them to expand this partnership on an international scale.

Since early 2021, Keyrus has successfully implemented Workplace in France for some 10 clients from different economic sectors. Its goal now is to develop this offering in the Africa and Middle East region.

'This partnership with Workplace is in line with our goal of becoming our clients' global partner for their digital transformation, with a value proposition combining the leading technology accelerators in their market with a significant capacity to provide long term consulting and support,' said Jean-Philippe Clair, Digital Director at Keyrus.

'Keyrus was one of first partners in EMEA who invested in the early stages of the Workplace journey. They understood the way companies build community within and across their organizations was going to change. They also realized that the need to bring together HQ-based employees with frontline employees across a single platform was going to increase as the way we work changed. Keyrus' ability to spot that trend early on has enabled our joint customers to transform their organizations via Workplace. They've helped many organizations use Workplace as their internal engagement and communication platform, updating the way they get work done and connecting all of their employees regardless of location or job role,' explains Ernesto Tey, Global Director, Workplace Ecosystem and Partnerships at Workplace.