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11/24/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 11/23/2021 19:13

Scientists to learn from Party history

The Chinese scientific community will learn from the history of the Communist Party of China, make more original breakthroughs in core technologies, and contribute to China's great rejuvenation and transformation into a strong, modernized nation, experts and scientists said.

The 19th Central Committee of the CPC concluded its sixth plenary session earlier this month. It passed a landmark resolution, the first of its kind in 40 years, to sum up the Party's experiences and achievements over the past century to guide the nation's future in the new era.

Science and Technology Minister Wang Zhigang said extracting wisdom from history to guide the future has been a celebrated tradition for the Party, and a key to its lasting success.

Wang said Party members in the scientific community should adopt the spirits of the plenary meeting, improve their political awareness and understanding, and contribute to enhancing the nation's strategic science and technology research capability.

Hou Jianguo, president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, urged Chinese scientists to reaffirm their commitment to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and contribute more to achieving high-quality self-sufficiency in science and technology.

"We as the people of the nation, as the research teams for the nation, should shoulder the responsibility of serving and solving the nation's needs," he said.

Chen Xu, Party chief of Tsinghua University, said the plenary meeting proved that China has a bright future, and it is a great honor and responsibility to be an educator at this moment in history.

"I am now more determined and confident to overcome obstacles and scale new heights with the strong leadership of the Party," she said.

Wang Jun, a senior chest surgeon at Peking University People's Hospital, said the nation and the Party have made historic achievements since 2012.

"I am fully confident that the Chinese people will achieve more victories with the leadership of the Party in the new era," he said.

Ma Jiliang, an associate researcher at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences' Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development, said that as a young scientist, he is deeply honored to have witnessed history and will work extra hard to serve China's agricultural sector.

Zhao Changlu, Party chief of Beijing Institute of Technology, said the resolution passed by the plenary session is a foundational document of great wisdom and guidance.

"We will incorporate the Party's innovative theories into our university's operation, and strive to become a world-class education institute," Zhao said.

Li Guoping, the head of the general office at State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, said the resolution revealed the secrets behind the Party's enormous success in the past century, one of which is China building a world-class defense industry from scratch.

"It will keep motivating us to bolster our wisdom, solidarity, confidence and willingness to fulfill our duty of improving national defense and protecting our country," he said.

Lei Guanghua, president of Xiangya Hospital at Central South University in Hunan province, said one way of carrying on the spirits of the plenary meeting is to produce more world-class medical research and talent, and align the hospital's development with the needs of the nation and its people.