Wiltshire Council

01/09/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 01/09/2019 09:35

Wiltshire consultancy procurement event

To help us find the right supplier at the right cost, and in the quickest and easiest way, we are working with Bloom Procurement Services for the delivery of consultancy services.

Together with Bloom we are holding supplier events on 18 January 2019 in Chippenham and on 31 January 2019 in Salisbury.

There will be one session on each day: Register from 9:30am session 10am 12pm

You are invited register to attend the event (one person per organisation) by mailing [email protected] a completed registration form, at which you can learn more about this change and speak to council and Bloom representatives.

Bloom offers us a unique, compliant solution where they act as a neutral vendor who source, engage, and manage our requirements. Where we have current contracts they will continue to run, but when they expire consideration will be given to migrating our requirements to Bloom where that is in our best interests.

Get ahead of the curve

To be considered for future work with us and in advance of the events we suggest you register with Bloom so that you may be notified of appropriate opportunities as and when they arise. The following guide will assist you in registering. If you are already registered you need not take any further action.

It's simple to register with Bloom

Simply go to the Bloom website click 'Register' and follow the instructions. Bloom are available to assist you if needed.

You'll be asked some general information about your company (name, contact details, VAT registration number). You'll also choose which services your company provides.

To access opportunities through Bloom, suppliers need to be accredited. This gives you the opportunity to prove your suitability for any projects on offer and ensures that you're on the radar for future opportunities, not only for us, but for the many other organisations utilising the Bloom solution.

You'll then be able to promote your accreditation with Bloom. This offers you an efficient route to market, via a national framework for professional services.

What happens after you registered and accredited

Where you are approached for a proposal, your response, including your quote, will be assessed by ourselves and Bloom. If successful, Bloom will contact you with all the information needed to start the project, and Bloom will oversee the invoicing and payments in relation to approved staged deliveries.

Bloom has a comprehensive FAQ section for suppliers on their website to assist you.

Bloom's supplier team is also available to assist you at [email protected].