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09/23/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 09/23/2021 12:03

Will Vulnerable Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick Side with Radical TX Abortion Ban, Vote Against Protecting Reproductive Health Care?

Silence speaks volumes, and on protecting reproductive freedom and the constitutional right to an abortion, it appears Rep. Fitzpatrick has lost his tongue.

As the House gets set to vote on legislation that would take the long-overdue step of codifying the protections of Roe v. Wade and affirm nearly 50 years of Supreme Court precedent, voters in PA-01 deserve to know if their representative will stand with them and the majority of Americans who support access to safe, legal abortion.

This legislation could not be more urgent after Texas Republicans passed a dead-of-the-night, radical bounty-hunting abortion ban that controls people's decisions and criminalizes doctors who provide care for their patients. This is the loudest alarm yet that abortion access is in grave danger, in Texas and across the country. While the Texas bill is extreme, it's part of the Republican agenda to end access to abortion in this country. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick must answer now: will he stand up for Americans' freedom to make their own personal health care decisions, or once again show that they are completely out of touch with PA-01 voters?

DCCC Spokesperson James Singer

"To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Brian Fitzpatrick has gone dead silent at a time when his constituents need him the most. Fitzpatrick has a choice: stand up for Pennsylvania women's freedom to make their own decisions about their bodies, or answer for his radical attacks on reproductive health care at the ballot box in 2022."