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09/09/2020 | News release | Distributed by Public on 09/09/2020 04:25

Near Astrakhan, the Southern Military District tankers, supported by a drone, worked out night maneuver defenсe

09.09.2020 (11:17)

At the Ashuluk training ground in the Astrakhan region, as part of a two-way tactical exercise, a tank battalion of the 49th combined arms army of the Southern Military District (SMD) conducted live firing in cooperation with the crew of the modern 'Orlan-10' unmanned aircraft complex.

UAV crews carried out reconnaissance of the forces of the mock enemy. The data obtained made it possible to control the tactical situation, correctly distribute forces and resources, and make instant decisions.

This tactic significantly increased the coordination and maneuverability of tank units, and also allowed them to successfully conduct tank combat day and night.

Earlier, about 20 T-72B3 tank crews marched to the task area. In the field, the tankers practiced maneuver defence tactics with rapid counterattacks at night.

The two-way brigade tactical exercise is attended by about 4 thousand military personnel of the Southern Military District, involving more than 700 units of combat and special military equipment, including the 'Uragan' and 'Grad-M' MLRS, 'Msta-S' and 'Msta-B' self-propelled guns, ZU-23 anti-aircraft guns, T-72B3 tanks, BTR-82AM, as well as 'Tiger' and 'Rys' armored vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

More than 500 targets were set up in the area of the combat draw, simulating armored vehicles, light firepower and live force of a mock enemy.