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August Recess: 60 Local Stories Highlighting Senate Democrats’ Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill — And The Republicans Opposing It

September 10, 2021 Press Releases

During the August recess Senate Democrats' bipartisan infrastructure bill dominated local coverage in key Senate battlegrounds. Senators Cortez Masto, Hassan, Kelly and Warnock barnstormed their states highlighting the local jobs and economic benefits the bill will deliver - while Republicans faced a wave of criticism for opposing this historic, bipartisan legislation.

See for yourself:

AZ - Arizona Republic (Opinion): Sinema and Kelly helped the Senate act before a crisis. Why that matters

  • I'm encouraged by the bipartisan leadership that Arizona's U.S. Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly are demonstrating in their support and leadership on the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.
  • On Tuesday, they joined with all their fellow Democrats and 19 Republicans in the United States Senate to pass the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package.
  • No effort is more worthy of bipartisan support than fixing our nation's roads, rail and bridges, expanding internet access in rural areas, and investing in electric vehicle support to help mitigate the impacts of climate change.
  • In fact, most Americans agree. Nearly three quarters of Americans polled support the bipartisan infrastructure package.

AZ - KOLD: Infrastructure bill brings billions to Arizona, Tucson

  • Just a day after the US Senate passed the $1 Trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, Sen. Mark Kelly was home in Tucson touting its success and the value to the region.
  • According to Senate Kelly, the infrastructure bill will cut a $5.3 billion check to the Arizona Department of Transportation. The financial breakdown also shows Tucson transit will get $118 million for SunTran and Sun Link, the modern streetcar.
  • There will be another $10 million to help the city clean PFAS out of the cities' drinking water.


'Under the infrastructure bill the feds will cut the Arizona Department of Transportation a nearly five and a half billion dollars check… and $110 billion for roads and bridges will help some long time needed shelved projects Tucson could not otherwise afford.'


'Kelly spoke to reporters after promoting the Senate infrastructure plan to carpenters union members in West Phoenix with U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh.'


@Griselda Zetino: HAPPENING NOW- Sen. Mark Kelly and Labor Secretary Martin Walsh tour the job training programs at the Carpenters Local 1912 in Phoenix. They're also here to discuss how the Senate-approved infrastructure bill will spur job creation throughout Arizona. @KTAR923

AZ - Nogales International: Letter: Senate came through on infrastructure

  • In a long tradition of bipartisan work and national leadership, Arizona Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly stepped up to lead, and in doing so, have championed many of Arizona's infrastructure needs. This legislation will fix crumbling roads and bridges, expand access to high-speed internet and modernize our ports of entry, which will benefit the Greater Nogales region.
  • The work of Sen. Kelly on advancing our infrastructure needs gives Nogales and Santa Cruz County great optimism for the future of our binational region. His personal interest and attention to our infrastructure needs helps us prepare for the future, create new jobs and attract new investment.

AZ - KAWC: Opinion: Mayor Gerardo Sanchez: San Luis Port of Entry Needs Modernization

  • Thanks to Senator Kelly's commitment to San Luis and his hard work to secure $3.85 billion for ports of entry in this bipartisan infrastructure bill, our city is now able to fully fund the build out of the San Luis 1 Modernization Project. I am grateful for the leadership of our Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly who delivered on this bipartisan infrastructure bill.
  • Infrastructure projects are investments in the future. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) will not only upgrade our nation's infrastructure, it will also ensure that our region remains competitive. Thanks to the work of Senators Sinema and Kelly, this bipartisan infrastructure bill will address the needs of our community and their impact will be felt for generations to come.

AZ - Gila Herald: Senator Mark Kelly tours Graham and Greenlee counties

  • On his agenda was to inform about his support for a bipartisan infrastructure deal and how the bill will assist those in rural Arizona with a variety of issues, including water conservation, utilities, and high-speed internet.
  • Kelly advised that the infrastructure bill will benefit Arizona by helping its economy grow.
  • 'Here in Arizona, I fought for money for our ports of entry because that means a growing economy. We get a lot of economic impact from our ports of entry.'

AZ - Eastern Arizona Courier: Senator Kelly visits Graham and Greenlee counties

  • Senator Mark Kelly visited both Graham and Greenlee counties on Tuesday, taking time to talk to local ranchers, farmers, elected officials and businesses about the more than a trillion dollar federal infrastructure bill.
  • 'It's great to be here in Safford,' Kelly said. 'I was out here talking to some ranchers and farmers, a lot about water issues as you guys would expect. This drought we've been suffering from for almost 10 years now, probably the worst drought in the history of Arizona and uh, it's gotten a little better over the past month or so, but that's just weather. We've got a climate crisis with water in our state. That's why for this bipartisan infrastructure bill I was focused on getting a lot of funding for western water infrastructure, which will really help both Graham and Greenlee county. It'll help Safford, it'll help farmers and ranchers out in this area.'

FL - Tampa Bay Times (Editorial): Senate infrastructure plan a boost for Florida

  • It was too bad, but entirely predictable, that Florida's two senators could not hoist themselves from the partisan sideline to do what was best for the Sunshine State.
  • Whether they are road-testing a talking point for reelection or as they mull a presidential run in 2024, Rubio and Scott failed to promote the economic interests of the Sunshine State.

FL - WLRN: Florida Senators Voted Against Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. But What Would It Bring To The State?

  • Both Republican senators from Florida, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, voted against the measure.
  • The bill…would pump billions of dollars of infrastructure dollars into the state.
  • An estimated $13 billion would go towards Florida highway projects, $2.6 billion would go towards public transportation projects, $198 million towards expanding a network of electric vehicle charging stations across the state and $100 million would be put towards expanding broadband access, mostly in rural areas of the state.


'Despite the promise of millions of jobs and better communities--including in Florida--Florida's two senators Republicans Rick Scott and Marco Rubio voted against the infrastructure bill.'

FL - Sun Florida Sun Sentinel: Florida in line for billions in infrastructure spending

  • Florida could get $16 billion-plus in projects, including investments throughout South Florida.
  • The $1 trillion package was approved by the Senate 69-30. All 50 Senate Democrats and 19 Senate Republicans voted for the measure. Thirty Senate Republicans, including Florida's Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, voted 'no.'

GA - Atlanta Journal Constitution: The Jolt: GOP to Senate after road, airport, and lead pipe bill: 'RINOs!'

  • Trump's stance against the bill was echoed by key Georgia Republicans, despite funds in the bill for everything from upgrades to dozens of local Georgia airports to replacing lead pipes in schools, expanding public transportation and installing electric vehicle charging stations in the state.
  • The three leading Republican contenders for U.S. Senate each opposed the infrastructure plan.

GA - Atlanta Journal Constitution: 'No and no.' Why Georgia GOP Senate contenders oppose infrastructure, budget plans

  • The agriculture commissioner wasn't alone in his opposition to measures that could top $4.5 trillion. The other two GOP Senate contenders, Kelvin King and Latham Saddler, also flatly rejected the proposals to restructure the U.S. economy.
  • Dan Gottlieb of the state Democratic Party said the Republicans are lining up against 'millions of good-paying jobs' that will help Georgians compete in the global economy.
  • 'While Senator Reverend Warnock helps deliver this huge win for Georgia, every GOP candidate vying to challenge him is opposing the bipartisan plan to rebuild our infrastructure, invest in a generation of Georgia jobs and help American companies compete against China,' he said.

GA - Capitol Beat News Service: US Senate approves infrastructure bill with more than $11B headed to Georgia

  • The U.S. Senate passed a bipartisan infrastructure spending bill Tuesday that would steer more than $11 billion toward highways, transit, airports and electric vehicle charging stations in Georgia.

GA - Stars and Stripes: Infrastructure Bill Contains Highway Expansion to Connect 12 Military Bases in Five Southern States

  • A proposed stretch of interstate highway that would connect a dozen military bases between Texas and Georgia made its way into the $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed by the Senate this week with the expectation it will improve access to bases located in some of the more isolated stretches of the South.
  • Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., proposed the amendment to the bill with support from the other eight senators in the five affected states.
  • 'This planned route would connect military installations across Georgia and drive economic opportunities to our rural communities,' Warnock said.

GA - WRDW: Warnock comes to Augusta to promote infrastructure plan

  • The Democratic senator is traveling across the Peach State on his 'Jobs for Georgia' tour to highlight local impacts of the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.
  • He says the legislation will 'bring historic repairs and revitalization to Georgia's infrastructure and grow and support countless jobs in every corner of the state.'
  • During his travels, Warnock will highlight federal investments in clean energy transit options and rail, freight, ports and highway connectivity, broadband, and other sectors. Warnock will also meet with military families, students and others to discuss benefits of the expanded child tax credit.


'Senator Warnock visited the Augusta transit facility and the Augusta regional airport. Warnock said the transit part of the bill is expected to provide around 1.5 billion dollars for Georgia. He says at least 25 million will go towards the Augusta area. He says physical mobility and economic mobility go hand in hand.'

GA - WJBF: U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock updates Augusta's public transportation leaders on $1 trillion dollar infrastructure bill

  • Senator Raphael Warnock was in Augusta Friday talking infrastructure. He toured the city to get an up-close look at some areas that would benefit from the infrastructure bill he helped push through the senate.
  • That new bill will allocate funds to our city's transportation, allowing easy access to areas that are in dire need of it.
  • These developments could call for more jobs at Augusta transit. Senator Warnock says funds from the infrastructure bill will also go towards construction projects at Augusta Regional Airport.

GA - WTOC: Sen. Warnock talks impact of infrastructure bill on Georgia

  • If approved, the Peach State would get around $10 billion.
  • A state that will see positive benefits from the nearly $1 trillion infrastructure bill, according to Sen. Warnock.
  • 'There's money for transit. There's money for roads and highways,' he said.
  • The senator also says Georgians should expect to see support for the rail system, so 18-wheelers won't need to travel on roads.

GA - AJC: US Sen. Raphael Warnock hears from Latino business owners

  • Warnock hyped the federal $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal for its potential to connect residents with small businesses like the ones in Plazas Las Americas.

GA - All On Georgia: Bipartisan Provision Led By Senators Warnock and Cruz to Create High Priority Corridor Linking Key Georgia Military Communities Included in Senate-Passed Jobs and Infrastructure Bill

  • U.S. Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock (D-GA) highlighted passage of his provision in the bipartisan jobs and infrastructure bill that will help connect key Georgia military installations and surrounding base communities, as well as help provide growth and economic opportunities to rural communities from Texas to Georgia.

GA - 11Alive:

'Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock beginning his Jobs for Georgia tour today.'

NV - Reno Gazette Journal: Nevada set to receive $3 billion under Senate-approved bipartisan infrastructure bill

  • Nevada is set to receive more than $3 billion for roads, bridges and other transportation needs under a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package approved by the U.S. Senate on Tuesday.
  • Masto and Rosen, both Democrats from Nevada who supported the measure, pointed to some $3 billion in nationwide drought mitigation and wildfire management funding among the 'wins' the bill will deliver to the Silver State.
  • 'When this bill began to develop, I worked hard to make sure it would include my legislation to combat two of the greatest crises facing our state: drought and wildfires,' Masto said.


'Senator Cortez Masto: It's about jobs at the end of the day. It's about good paying jobs, long term. Things that are good for our economy and being prepared and being able to embrace that new technology for the 21st century. '

NV - KOLO: Senator Cortez Masto says infrastructure bill will impact Nevadans' lives

  • Today Nevada U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto came to the Northern Nevada Electrical Training Center to learn…how this program and others can benefit from the 1 Trillion Dollar infrastructure bill.
  • Inside a room with solar panels, wind turbines, and batteries to store the energy they create, Senator Cortez Masto says this is the energy of the future. She says people will need to build what will make up the 21st century energy grid, as well as maintain it.
  • Investment in the creation and training will come from the infrastructure bill which will in turn she says mean good paying jobs.

NV - AP: Cortez Masto lauds infrastructure bill's clean energy boost

  • Cortez Masto said infrastructure investments, tax credits for renewable energy projects and incentives to site solar and wind projects on former mines would create jobs and protect the environment for future generations.
  • Republican Adam Laxalt, who is challenging Cortez Masto in next year's election and received an endorsement from former President Donald Trump on Friday, said he opposed the infrastructure bill because of its price tag and scope beyond traditional infrastructure like roads and bridges. Cortez Masto noted Republican support for the bill and said Laxalt's position wouldn't help bolster Nevada's economy.
  • 'If you're against this bipartisan infrastructure package, then you're against new jobs for Nevada and economic growth in Nevada,' she said.

NV - Las Vegas Review Journal: Cortez Masto: Infrastructure bill will bring jobs, growth

  • 'I think if you're against this bipartisan infrastructure package then you're against new jobs for Nevada and economic growth in Nevada,' Cortez Masto said…'People in Nevada know who I am…. This is about how we work together in a bipartisan way to find solutions that are important for our families in our businesses here in this state, particularly as we come out of a pandemic that just devastated our economy.'

NV - Las Vegas Review Journal: Cortez Masto hopes to steer Nevada's transportation into the future

  • After taking a ride in a self-driving BMW, Cortez Masto said it was the type of operation she had in mind when pushing for several funding mechanisms tied to the bipartisan infrastructure bill approved by the Senate.
  • 'It's around smart communities and smart vehicles a lot of the technology that you have here and that connectivity to smart communities and autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles,' Cortez Masto said. 'The bipartisan infrastructure package supports resources, investments in that new technology. To me that's important to Nevada.'

NV - Las Vegas Sun (Editorial): Senate infrastructure bill's Western water provisions worthy of passage

  • One, for which Nevadans have Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto to thank, was to include $450 million in grants for large-scale water recycling projects. Cortez Masto added the funding with an eye toward fueling development of a regional recycled water plant that would provide drinking water to more than a half-million homes in Southern California and Nevada.
  • We commend Cortez-Masto for her leadership on water-recycling projects, and the Lower Basin delegates for banding together against the Lake Powell pipeline.

NV - Northern Nevada Business Weekly: In Reno visit, Cortez Masto touts infrastructure bill to business leaders

  • U.S. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto wants to not only ensure Nevada recovers those clean energy jobs, but also help the Silver State create thousands more.
  • Cortez Masto said the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package…will advance efforts to grow the clean energy sector in Nevada and nationwide. Cortez Masto noted she helped the state secure $6 billion for a battery manufacturing and recycling grant program and $4 billion in electric vehicle charging grant funding.
  • Meanwhile, according to an Aug. 23 report from the Associated Press, Republican Adam Laxalt - who is challenging Cortez Masto in next year's election - said he opposes the infrastructure bill.

NV - Tahoe Daily Tribune: Nevada senator holds transportation roundtable with Tahoe stakeholders

  • Anyone who has sat in traffic on Nevada State Route 28 for extended periods, or who use up gas while circling neighborhoods looking for parking, knows that transportation is a significant issue for the Lake Tahoe Basin.
  • These issues have not gone unnoticed by U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.), who is invested in finding funding and solutions to the basin's ever growing problem.
  • 'There's great things in it for the State of Nevada and those projects, the money that's coming into the state have been informed by all of you,' Senator Cortez Masto said to the stakeholders.
  • The senator then went on to hear from the stakeholders about the various projects in the works, the main issues plaguing the basin and concerns about addressing those issues.

NV - KLAS: ​​Culinary union, Latino community hit Laxalt on infrastructure stance, Trump ties

  • Members of the culinary union and elected leaders in the Latino community hit Laxalt on his stance against the bipartisan infrastructure bill.
  • Laxalt told 8 News Now he does not support the $1 trillion infrastructure plan, because he said it would add to the nation's debt. While specifics have not been released, the plan is expected to bring billions of dollars and new jobs to Nevada.
  • 'Out the gate, Laxalt would attack something that is going to bring billions of dollars to this state, that's going to go to the very kids we've been working with,' Democratic Assem. Edgar Flores, of District 28, said.

NH - New Hampshire Union Leader: Bipartisan infrastructure bill that NH senators helped negotiate clears Senate

  • A bipartisan majority in the U.S. Senate passed a massive infrastructure bill for the first time in more than a decade Tuesday.
  • Hassan called the bill a 'game-changer' that also would jump-start the revival of commuter rail service from Boston to Concord.
  • Gov. Chris Sununu's office did not respond Tuesday to a request for comment.

NH - WMUR: NH senators say $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill could be beneficial for Granite State economy

  • The United States Senate has passed a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. If the house agrees to it, some New Hampshire towns could see an injection of cash for some projects that have been in progress for some time.
  • Other elements included in the bill are $110 billion for road and bridge repair, $65 billion to bolster the nation's power grid and $55 billion to revitalize drinking water infrastructure.

NH - Seacoast Current: Hassan Shows How NH Benefits From Infrastructure Bill

  • US Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H., visited the Hampton Wastewater Treatment Plant on Friday, one of the facilities she says will benefit from the federal infrastructure bill being negotiated in Congress.
  • The $1.2 trillion spending bill focuses on passenger rail, high-speed internet access, coastal resilience, clean energy, and cybersecurity. $54 billion is earmarked to strengthen water infrastructure for communities in New Hampshire and across the country.

NH - Reuters: U.S. Democrats ride trains, buses to spotlight spending push

  • After visiting a wastewater treatment plant on Friday, New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan said the infrastructure bill would clean up toxic perfluoroalkyl chemicals and 'help bring peace of mind to parents who should not have to worry about whether the water flowing from their tap is safe for their children.'

NH - Portsmouth Herald: 'Game-changer': Sen. Hassan touts infrastructure bill and how it could help Hampton

  • The bipartisan infrastructure bill increases funding for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund, which will help provide needed financial assistance to towns like Hampton that are upgrading their water systems.
  • Additionally, the bipartisan bill includes Hassan's measure to better ensure that New Hampshire towns would be eligible for an advanced technology grant program that can be used to remove PFAS from drinking water.

NH - Eagle Times: Hassan stresses need for additional infrastructure funds in Claremont visit

  • Housing, road and bridge maintenance, workforce development, and broadband were among the infrastructure topics prioritized by city officials and local legislators during an afternoon conversation with Hassan, who visited Claremont to tour the city's revitalization of historic Pleasant Street, which will upgrade the downtown's aging water, sewer, and drainage system and rebuild the street level to accommodate greater pedestrian traffic, outdoor dining, seating, and public gatherings.

NH - Union Leader: NH coastal communities may benefit from infusion of federal funds

  • A group led by Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) used the backdrop of Route 1A near Odiorne State Park Wednesday overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Rye to call attention to the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill that passed in the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, and now goes to the House. The measure includes nearly $1 billion for two existing federal programs aimed at protecting coastal communities from hazards like erosion and flooding.

NH - Eagle Times: At Manchester roundtable, Hassan warns of growing threats

  • If the bipartisan infrastructure package currently under consideration in the U.S. House becomes law, it will mean at least $10 million over four years will be headed to New Hampshire to beef up state and local cybersecurity initiatives, U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan said at an Aug. 23 roundtable at the University of New Hampshire-Manchester.
  • Hassan worked to include the $1 billion nation cybersecurity grant program - a goal of hers for years.
  • The funding would be a major boost for localities that often don't have the resources to pursue robust cybersecurity protections.

NH - Eagle Times: Hassan visits Salem, talks infrastructure

  • Hassan during the visit highlighted her involvement in bipartisan legislation passed through the Senate intended to provide historic investments to repair and modernize the country's transportation infrastructure.
  • 'The construction efforts at the Salem Depot intersection are an example of how infrastructure investments can help improve the lives of Granite Staters and visitors alike,' Hassan said in a statement.
  • 'It was great to see firsthand how transportation improvement projects are helping our families, communities, and economy in Salem, and I'm pleased that the Senate recently took a major step forward in expanding support for those kinds of community efforts by passing a once-in-a-generation infrastructure package.'
  • She said the legislation marks a record $110 billion investment to fix roads, bridges and highways in addition to road safety.


'Senator Maggie Hassan held a meeting yesterday with local organizations that have been targeted by cyber attacks. She discussed elements in the infrastructure bill that she says would provide important tools to ward off threats.'

NC - Spectrum News One:

'It's a big investment for the state and one that mayors across the state have been pushing for…that money is going towards things like roads, bridges, airports, trains, & broadband internet…the three Republican candidates looking to replace Senator Burr are all opposed to this bill.'

NC - News & Observer: Senate passes bipartisan infrastructure deal. Here's why Burr and Tillis voted yes.

  • North Carolina would receive about $7.7 billion for roads and bridges, more than $900 million for public transit and more than $109 million for expanding its electric vehicle charging network, according to a state-by-state breakdown from the White House.
  • The yes votes of Burr and Tillis put them at odds with the majority of Senate Republicans, most House Republicans, former President Donald Trump and the top three Republican candidates running to replace the retiring Burr in the Senate in 2022 - U.S. Rep. Ted Budd, former Gov. Pat McCrory and former U.S. Rep. Mark Walker.

OH - Cleveland Plain Dealer: Republican Ohio candidates bash infrastructure bill championed by the senator they want to succeed, Rob Portman

  • The leading candidates in Ohio's Republican U.S. Senate primary on Tuesday all issued statements trashing the bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure bill that Portman spent months negotiating.
  • The bill will bring a one-time supplemental appropriation of $548 billion to fund everything from major highway projects, to mass transit, to Great Lakes restoration and bringing broadband internet access to areas that don't have it.
  • Polling has shown the bill to be popular with the American public, with Quinnipiac University finding last week that 65% of respondents supported it.

OH - Cincinnati Enquirer: Opinion: Rejection of infrastructure bill disqualifies GOP Senate candidates

  • When every leading Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Ohio came out against it, it did something else: it showed us, yet again, the bottomless depth of cynicism in today's politics.
  • Instead of getting things done for Ohio families, the GOP looks laser-focused on promoting themselves and their political ambitions. Opposing the bill may be helpful for the Ohio Republican Senate candidates climbing the political ladder, but it would leave Ohio's roads and bridges to crumble while countries like China are moving full-steam ahead.
  • If they had their way, Ohio would miss out on $1.2 billion to improve public transportation options, $140 million to support the expansion of an electric vehicle charging network in the state, at least $100 million to expand broadband coverage across the state, $9.2 billion for roads and highways, and $483 million for bridge replacement and repairs - all to appease their own self-serving ambitions.
  • All of the GOP Senate candidates' rejection of the bipartisan infrastructure bill is disqualifying. If it were up to them, our roads, bridges and water pipes would be left dilapidated and hundreds of thousands of Ohioans would be left without access to high-speed internet. Ohioans will hold them accountable for prioritizing party politics over our state's best interests.

OH - The Truth Toledo: Toledo Leaders Slam Republican Senate Candidates for Attacking Infrastructure Bill

  • Several Toledo leaders held a press conference to condemn Republican Senate candidates' opposition to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
  • 'Democrats are delivering for working families by creating good-paying jobs and investing in roads, bridges, water pipes, and high-speed internet. But instead of standing up for our state and supporting this commonsense plan Ohio Republicans running for Senate are too busy jockeying for Trump's endorsement,' said State Rep. Paula Hicks-Hudson during the event.
  • Ironically, the bill is the culmination of a bipartisan effort led, in great part, by Republican Ohio Senator Rob Portman who is retiring. The Republicans vying to replace him - Josh Mandel, former Ohio treasurer; Jane Timken, former chair of the Ohio Republican Party; J.D. Vance, author and venture capitalist; Mike Gibbons, Cleveland businessman; Bernie Moreno, Cleveland car dealer - have all issued statements opposing the Portman crafted legislation in order to curry favor from Donald Trump who has stated his own opposition.

PA - Philadelphia Inquirer: Biden's infrastructure bill gave us a preview of a key clash in Pa.'s 2022 Senate race. Here's what we learned.

  • Pennsylvania Republicans running for Senate were nearly universally opposed to the bipartisan bill. Democrats plan to run on its benefits.
  • Though 19 GOP senators supported the $1.2 trillion plan, including their Senate leader, Mitch McConnell, the Pennsylvania Republicans campaigning to join his caucus had a nearly uniform response: They're against it.
  • 'The Republican Senate field continues to demonstrate that they have no real solutions to offer voters while Democrats deliver for Pennsylvania,' said Jack Doyle, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Democratic party.

PA - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: ​​White House: Pennsylvania would receive billions from infrastructure bill

  • The bipartisan infrastructure deal advanced by Congress would deliver to Pennsylvania an additional $11.3 billion in federal highway funding, $1.6 billion for bridge replacement, and $2.8 billion for public transit over five years.
  • In addition, Pennsylvania would receive at least $100 million to expand broadband coverage across the state, an amount that would provide access to at least 394,000 Pennsylvanians who currently lack service. The state would also likely receive $171 million to support the expansion of an electric vehicle charging network.

PA - WXPI: Local, state Democrats praise $1T infrastructure bill

  • Local and state democrats united Thursday afternoon to praise the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill that just passed in the U.S. Senate.
  • Leaders say the bill could lead to improved roadways, bridges, repaired water lines and new broadband opportunities for rural communities.
  • 'It's going to put thousands of our building trades and workers to work, middle class jobs, middle class wages, family-sustaining wages,' said Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald.
  • He and State Senator Jay Costa criticized Republicans who have opposed the bill, including Senator Pat Toomey, as well as the candidates vying for his seat.
  • 'There are folks who don't see this as an opportunity for Pennsylvania,' Costa said.

PA - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: 'Something we must do': Pennsylvania Democrats voice support for federal infrastructure bill

  • The infrastructure deal could deliver Pennsylvania an additional $11.3 billion in federal highway funding, $1.6 billion for bridge replacement and $2.8 billion for public transit over five years, according to White House estimates released earlier this month. The state could also receive at least $100 million to expand broadband coverage and $171 million to support the expansion of an electric vehicle charging network.
  • 'At the end of the day, it comes down to a clear choice,' said state Sen. Jay Costa, a Democrat representing parts of Pittsburgh, the Mon Valley and the South Hills. 'We have folks who are running campaigns now and next year saying we don't want to do this. We have Democrats saying this is something we must do.'

WI - Wisconsin Examiner: Wisconsin mayors say Johnson neglected his job during infrastructure debate

  • A group of Wisconsin mayors say Sen. Ron Johnson neglected to look out for Wisconsin when the Senate recently took action on a major piece of legislation.
  • Earlier this month, the Senate passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that would improve roads, highways and bridges across the country while expanding green energy and access to broadband internet. Johnson said in an interview that he didn't even read the bill's text.
  • Superior Mayor Jim Paine, Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway and Manitowoc Mayor Justin Nickels said in a statement that Johnson should be more focused on improving the lives of Wisconsinites.


'That money would be spent over 5 years to fix roads, bridges, add broadband internet, repair water pipes, and make other public works improvements. Senator Baldwin voted for the bill, Senator Ron Johnson voted against the spending.'

WI - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Tammy Baldwin is a yes, Ron Johnson a no on infrastructure package

  • Johnson declared his opposition well before the vote.
  • Wisconsin would be due to receive $5.2 billion in federal highway aid and $225 million for bridge repair and replacement over five years.

WI - Spectrum News: How infrastructure bill would help Wisconsin farmers

  • The $1 trillion dollar proposal would also address the digital divide, which are key issues for Wisconsin farmers.

WI - Wisconsin Examiner: Johnson says he didn't read infrastructure bill

  • Sen. Ron Johnson was one of 30 Republicans who voted against the recently passed $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill - yet in an appearance on the conservative Dan Bongino Show, Johnson said he hadn't even read the bill.
  • It could bring billions of dollars to Wisconsin to repair roads and bridges, expand internet access across the state and replace lead pipes; 19 Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) voted for the bill.
  • Democrats in Wisconsin say Johnson admitting he didn't even read the bill is another sign of his failure as a leader in the state.
  • 'Once again, Ron Johnson's complete lack of leadership and disregard for the office he holds is on full display,' Philip Shulman, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, says. 'In refusing to even read the bipartisan infrastructure plan, Ron Johnson sent a very clear message to Wisconsinites that their interests and needs don't matter to him.'

WI - The Cap Times: Opinion | Sen. Ron Johnson failed Wisconsinites with vote against infrastructure bill

  • The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act which just passed the U.S. Senate is a huge win for Manitowoc and the United States. This plan will make historic investments in Wisconsin to rebuild our roads and bridges and ensure access to clean water and high-speed internet. While the vast majority of senators put partisanship aside for the best interests of our country, Sen. Ron Johnson opposed the plan and went so far as to lead efforts to block this bill from ever passing.
  • We need partners in the Senate who aren't there to play partisan political games and put Wisconsinites' livelihoods in the balance - Sen. Johnson has made it clear that's not him.
  • What's more is the bipartisan infrastructure bill will also make us far more competitive with China, helping our industrious city level the playing field with a country that has stripped jobs from Manitowoc and other communities across Wisconsin. By voting against this legislation, Johnson once again sided with China, just as he did when he voted against the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act, which aims to curtail China's economic rigging.
  • Instead of fighting to bring our tax dollars back to Wisconsin, which could put people to work and put money in Wisconsinites' wallets, Johnson's priority has been giving tax handouts to the ultra-rich and giant corporations.
  • Sen. Johnson has forgotten about us during his 11 years in Washington. I, and the city I represent, remember who stands up for us and who casts us aside; we will not forget that Sen. Johnson stood against a win for all of us.

WI - News8000: Wis. Farmers Union President Darin Von Ruden rips Johnson for voting against infrastructure bill

  • Wisconsin Farmers Union President Darin Von Ruden of Westby berated U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson Thursday for voting against the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which the Senate passed Tuesday.
  • Voting against the $1 trillion measure amounted to an abandonment of Badger State farming communities, Von Ruden said during a video press call with other farmers discussing the bill.
  • Alleging that the Wisconsin Republican often votes no on issues that could help Wisconsin farmers, Von Ruden said, 'It would be nice if Senator Johnson would really look at what his votes are doing to the state of Wisconsin.'
  • The infrastructure bill provides 'the support we need to help our farms and businesses grow and be better equipped to provide for our families and communities,' Von Ruden said.
  • 'Ron Johnson was soundly against even discussing what this bill could do for the agriculture sector in our state and is clearly in Washington to serve himself and those who can pay to play,' Von Ruden said.