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01/25/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 01/25/2019 13:26

Motivation is Nice, Relevance Makes Change Happen

At AIIM, we believe that every organization is on - or should be on - a Digital Transformation journey. How effectively you navigate this journey relies on how adept your organization is at combatting the rising tide of information chaos. This requires new strategies and skills that extend beyond traditional ECM. We call this modern approach Intelligent Information Management.

The purpose of this journey, the reason for Digital Transformation, is a drive to understand, anticipate, and redefine internal and external customer experiences.

Blake Morgan is a customer experience futurist who supports our view that the businesses that will succeed in the future are those that embrace a customer experience mindset to enrich and simplify lives. We are honored to welcome Morgan to the main stage of The AIIM Conference 2019, where she will explain how information management professionals can play a definitive role in shaping the customer experience. Morgan's transformation stories are inspiring, but it is her D.O.M.O.R.E. framework that provides us with actionable value.

If customer experience is the primary driver in digital transformation, it depends on and leads to other important aspirations, such as business agility/innovation, operational excellence, and automated compliance/governance. These are the capabilities that enable us to work smarter, decide faster, and think bigger in order to unlock the potential of truly meaningful customer engagement. Intelligent Information Management (IIM) is the AIIM-defined roadmap to these capabilities.

Greg Verdino believes that intelligence is the fuel that powers the future of business and he has a message for AIIM19 participants: 'As Intelligent Information Management professionals, you have an outsized opportunity to be true transformation agents with the power to guide your entire organization's journey from automation to agility.' On the final morning of the Conference, Verdino will demonstrate how to capitalize on deep wells of information within our organizations to create new value in these times of exponential change. He empowers us to do more of the things that create meaning for ourselves so that we in turn build resilient and value-rich businesses.

Morgan and Verdino epitomize the AIIM19 mission of providing you with the skills you need now and in the future. They join me and hundreds of tribal leaders who invite you to the most relevant place to be from March 26 -28, 2019