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04/23/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 04/23/2019 09:31

British Artist Alex Chinneck Unzips Milan

Do you feel you are more an engineer, an illusionist, or a sculptor?
My sculptures create challenges that are solved in collaboration with engineers and occasionally by the use of illusion l. But the reason that they exist in the first place is the inexplicable desire and drive to create them, which defines me as an artist. I'm often asked whether I'm an artist or designer, but I like to think that we design artworks, giving great consideration to the experiences they offer.

How does art work in an Instagram culture?
We live in an increasingly digital age that has opened up access to art, which is great for artists and for audiences - myself included. Still, artwork is best experienced in person and my own work is so much more impactful in real life.
For Milan Design Week, we intentionally conceived and created an artwork that takes audiences on an interactive journey. It offered them the opportunity, for the first time, to be physically immersed in the work. I hope that Instagram introduces us to a wider audience and acts as an invitation as well as inspiration for people to see the installation for themselves.

Your large installations redesign public spaces. How important is cultural accessibility to you?
Like most artists, I make work to be seen and hopefully enjoyed by as many people as possible. By developing a specialism for making large scale, outdoor sculptures, I'm fortunate to be given an incredible platform and opportunity to reach a large number of people. With that comes a responsibility to create work that is accessible, making a positive contribution to public space and public life.

How do you choose the title of your installations?
It's a combination of day-dreaming and poetry, providing a window into the conceptual considerations behind the work.

How many other projects are you working on right now? What can you tell us about your future projects?
My practice is broadening its ideas, materials, processes and, increasingly, locations. I'm particularly excited to be developing an international portfolio of projects. We are currently working on perhaps ten large artworks, including a major public artwork for Mumbai and an exciting project in Germany.