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Prince Charles & Technion Nanosensors

Screening for Cancer Made Easy:

Technion Professor Hossam Haick tells Prince Charles about his invention of SniffPhone

Britain's National Health Service vastly enriched by innovation from Israel, according to HRH Charles, Prince of Wales, who is visiting Israel to attend the World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem.

Prince Charles was speaking after being presented with what he called: 'Riveting developments and ingenious inventions.' These presentations included the SniffPhone, from Technion Professor Hossam Haick. Speaking at a reception at UK Ambassador to Israel Neil Wigan's residence in Ramat Gan on Thursday, Prince Charles said: 'It seems to me like Israeli genius is maintaining the entire structure of the NHS, along with a great deal of other technology.'

The Sniffphone is adevice that uses nanotechnology sensors to analyze biomarkers in the breath, accurately diagnosing certain diseases such as cancer, pulmonary disease, and even early stages of neurodegenerative diseases. The SniffPhone is targetted to meet the criteria of ideal screening for disease: to be highly accurate, low in cost, easy to use, comfortable for the patient, and easily repeatable. It has an unparalleled advantage over traditional screening methods: the device is comfortable and painless to use and provides a simple and cost-effective alternative for medical professionals.

It is notable that the meeting of Prince Charles and Nazareth-born Professor Haick happened on the 55th anniversary of the death of Sir Winston Churchill. Sir Winston Churchill played a crucial role in the foundation of Israel. In 1958 the Churchill Auditorium at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology was dedicated to the great leader with the participation of Israel's Prime Minister David Ben Gurion and members of the Churchill family.

Britain's leader sent a letter to the Technion in November 1954, which read: ' I feel truly honored that some new buildings at the Israel Institute of Technology are to be named after me and that my name will be associated with an undertaking devoted to the advancement of knowledge and human well-being.'

Prince Charles is honoring Churchill's memory by meeting Professor Hossam Haick, one of Israel's leading scientists.