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WITSA Announces 2017 ICT World Award Winners


September 13, 2017

Contact: Anders Halvorsen [email protected] +1 571 265-5964

WITSA's 2017 ICT World Award Winners

  • WITSA is the most comprehensive and influential entity representing the Information and Communications technology (ICT) and services industry in the world
  • Awards recognize the entities that made the most significant contributions to mankind in 2017.
  • Seven 'ICT Excellence' awards and the 'Chairman' award were presented by WITSA's Chairman to the winners.
  • Five 'WITSA Emerging Digital Solutions' program (WEDS) winners.

Taipei, Taiwan: On the final day of the 2017 World Congress on Information Technology, the World Information Technology and services Alliance (WITSA) announced that seven private and public sector organizations from five different countries were selected to receive the 2017 WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards. Additionally, the special WITSA Chairman's Award is presented to one of the nominees, and five 'WITSA Emerging Digital Solutions' program (WEDS) winners were recognized for their innovative digital solutions capable of transforming the wellbeing, prosperity, connectivity or productivity of others around the world:

  • 2017 Chairman's Award: Korea Immigration Service for i-Prechecking system and Smart Entry Service
  • 2017 Public Sector Excellence Award: Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)
  • 2017 Private Sector Excellence Award: Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Company & Symetal S.A.
  • 2017 Sustainable Growth Award: cosmoONE
  • 2017 Mobile Excellence Award: Institute for Information Industry (III) _for Remote Master
  • 2017 Digital Opportunity Award: Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes-SCT of Mexico & Altan Redes
  • 2017 Innovative e-Health Solutions: Institute for Information Industry (III) _for SaFePlay Platform
  • 2017 Emerging Digital Solutions Award (WEDS): Raiserve, HOMEPOD, Electron, Inclusite, Inc., and IOT Solutions Sp z O O /

Finally, WITSA issued twelve merit award certificates. While not being selected as winners of one of the award categories, these merit winners nevertheless displayed first-rate use of ICT.


The World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) is the leading recognized international voice of the global ICT industry, whose members from over 80 countries and economies represent more than 90 percent of the world ICT market. WITSA is dedicated to advocating policies that advance industry growth and development; facilitating international trade and investment in ICT products and services; strengthening WITSA's national industry associations; and providing members with a broad network of professional contacts. WITSA hosts the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT), the premier global industry sponsored ICT conference.

WITSA members are leaders in a globally interconnected marketplace. Because the challenges facing the ICT industry are undisputedly global in nature, WITSA members work together to achieve a shared vision on important issues of common interest. WITSA makes it possible for its members - ranging from Mongolia and Argentina to Kenya and the United States - to identify common issues and priorities, exchange valuable information, and present a united position on industry issues.

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At every World Congress on IT, the WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards recognize select organizations whose use of IT has exhibited exceptional achievement within seven broad categories: Public Sector Excellence, Private Sector Excellence, Mobile Excellence, Digital Opportunity, Sustainable Growth, Innovative e-Health Solutions and Emerging Digital Solutions. In addition, a special WITSA Chairman's Award is presented to a nominee from the entire pool of candidates from all categories.

WITSA also announced the 2017 class of 'WITSA Emerging Digital Solutions' (WEDS) winners. The WEDS winners were selected for their innovative digital solutions capable of transforming the wellbeing, prosperity, connectivity or productivity of others around the world. Each selected solution winner was offered an opportunity to showcase their products or services at the 2017 World Congress on IT, and were recognized at the Awards Ceremony.

The 2017 WITSA Awards was remarkable for its large number of highly qualified nominees, received from WITSA's network of ICT industry associations in 80 countries around the world. WITSA therefore elected to also recognize the most noteworthy runner-up candidates by announcing several WITSA merit award certificates. While not being selected as winners of one of the award categories, these merit winners nevertheless displayed first-rate use of ICT.

The winners of the 2017 WITSA Awards are listed below:

The Chairman's Award

Korea Immigration Service for i-Prechecking system and Smart Entry Service

Korea Immigration Service is regarded as one of the best ICT adopter and user organization in public sector by introducing and using latest technology and solutions to its immigration work and it sets a global standard for digital immigration in the world. Korean Immigration Service provides world's best immigration service using ICT and now known for its capability of management of immigration service. Korea's immigration service is well introduced to the world through Incheon International Airport, which has been the most highlighted airport in the world.

Remarkable systems of the Korean Immigration Service directly related for fast and secure process are (1) i-PreChecking system which automatically predicts travelers crossing border to Korea for prevention of high-risk passenger and (2) Smart Entry Service which enables automated immigration process at airports and ports.


Contact: Mr. Deok-Ryong Lee, Director, Korea Immigration Service
Tel. 02-2110-4092 | [email protected]

Public Sector Excellence Award

Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) is a non-profit organization. They work globally to make the internet safer. They help victims of child sexual abuse worldwide by identifying and removing online images and videos of their abuse. And they offer a place for the public to report these images anonymously. Internet companies are being asked to demonstrate their leadership by creating a safer online world. IWF Members fund their work and use their unique tools to make sure their networks are safe. By working hand in hand with IWF, they make it harder for criminals to share, host, and sell images of children being sexually abused. They show the world how they do the right thing.

IWF is an independent self-regulatory body. Their self-regulatory partnership approach means that their Members from the internet industry voluntarily block and remove access to child sexual abuse material using the services provided by us. This model is widely recognized as a good practice in combating the abuse of technology for the dissemination of criminal content.


Web site:

Contact: Lene Nielsen [email protected]

IWF office on +44 (0) 1223 203030 or email [email protected]

Private Sector Excellence Award

Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Company

The Company has achieved the most successful Private-Public-Partnership Project in the ITS traffic management in the world; it has successfully developed RFID-based eTag and ETC total solution to turn the traditional highway toll collection system into an integrated intelligent electronic toll collection (ETC) system for mobility management.

Entrusted by Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau to take charge of Taiwan ETC operation on its highways, and extended smart mobility business. In order to meet the national goal of providing Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) service for the nationwide highways, the company undertook the development of 'eTag ETC' system: a low-cost RFID-based total solution Electronic Toll Collection system.

Contact: Mr. Douglas Tong Hsu, Chairman and CEO, Far Eastern Group

Shiva Chien, F&CA-Public Affairs Department

Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Co., Ltd

Office: +886-2-7710-6666 #5324

Mobile: +886-903-819-538

[email protected]

Symetal S.A.

Symetal S.A. produces aluminum foil (from 6 to 200 mic) and aluminum flexi-packaging materials. The Company is highly export-oriented with over 90% of its sales carried out into more than 60 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Far East, America and Australia. Symetal S.A. is recognized due to the implementation of an ambitious Program of Projects in the field of Advanced Planning and Scheduling for Symetal S.A. a (fully-owned subsidiary of Elval S.A.) and a member of the aluminum segment of Viohalco, using Software of the Dutch Company Quintiq, a Dassault Systèmes brand and global leader in supply chain planning and optimization (SCP&O). The Quintiq Software performs Budget Checking, Material Requirements Planning and Finite Capacity Planning with an optimization algorithm in the edge of technology.



Symetal SCM Projects Manager and Viohalco APS Info Group Coordinator

[email protected]

Tel. +30-697-440-3301

Sustainable Growth Award


cosmoONE, a subsidiary of the OTE Group, has been operating since 2001 exclusively in B2B Electronic Commerce, specializing in electronic procurement. The company provides solutions in the form of Software-as-a-Service that enable businesses to automate their procurement processes, reduce their operating costs, improve their implementation time of their supply chain procedures, resulting significant increase of their profitability and enhancement of their performance and financial results. The applications are addressed to Private Sector Companies as well as to Public Sector Organizations and Bodies, both in Greece and abroad.

The company has been awarded yearly since 2012 for its contribution to the B2B e-commerce and more specifically, it has received the following awards from two committees, the 'e-volution awards' that recognize the best practices in the e-commerce arena and the 'bite awards' that recognize the Business I.T. Excellence Awards


Supporting information:

Contact: Mr. Athanasios Petmezas, Director General

Tel. +302102723810 +306972217111

[email protected]

Digital Opportunity Award

Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes-SCT of Mexico & Altan Redes

The SCT has had the leadership to implement several of the provisions and projects of the Mexican sweeping Reforms on Telecommunications and Broadcasting. One of its key projects is the 'SHARED WHOLESALE NETWORK' (Red Compartida Mayorista-RCM). This has been one of the most complex undertakings in the Mexican Telecommunications history and certainly the largest single investment amounting to $7-$10 billion USD in a 5 year timeframe.

The project will help to increase coverage of broadband provisioning with forceful requirements for rural coverage, established on a yearly basis up to the year 2024 with a mandatory target of at least 92.2% population coverage. Will promote participation from more players in the market, will bring more and better services to the population and will contribute to make services prices further affordable by all sectors of the population.


Altan Redes proposal:

Contact: Mr. Ezequiel Gil Huerta, Director General of Telecommunications Policy and Broadcasting

Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT)

[email protected]

Mobile Excellence Award

Institute for Information Industry (III) _for Remote Master

Institute for Information Industry (III) is the Driving Force of Taiwan's Information Technology Industry Transformation. ( The remote expert uses a laptop and WiFi to make remote annotations based on what the field worker observes. Because the annotations will immediately be shown on the field worker's display, the worker can consistently receive the remote expert's guidance. The solution leverages dynamic object tracking and image synchronization technologies to provide the precise annotations. This demos a remote maintenance use case.

Remote Master leverages dynamic object tracking and image synchronization technologies to ensure the information integrity. Demonstration in a few domains shows that the solution successfully enhances worker's safety and improves his efficiency. According to their customer's feedback, they can save a lot of time and at least 20% of the routine maintenance cost by adopting Remote Master.

Contact: Ho , Wen-Jen (Prior), Deputy Director General



[email protected]

Innovative e-Health Solutions Award

Institute for Information Industry (III) _for SaFePlay Platform

Knee osteoarthritis (OA) has become more and more serious health problem, there are millions of people suffer from it worldwide. In the early stage of knee OA, due to knee cartilage degeneration, the knee bones rub against each other during some activities such as walking stairs, the patients may feel uncomfortable or even pain with their knee. This may lead to even worse posture during activities and enhance knee cartilage degeneration. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a portable measurement solution for knee joint daily care which will bring positive impact in current healthcare system.

SaFePlay is a technology to break this barrier and allows ordinary people access to customized complete gait analysis service 24-7 in a convenient and inexpensive yet versatile way. A great contributing factor to the health of the general public, SaFePlay deserves consideration for an Award. The correct gait during activities is able to prevent and/or reduce the speed of knee OA development. Current methods of gait detection and measurement are using in-lab systems such as Pedar and Vicon. These lab-based systems aim to evaluate the way of feet and legs movements, as well as estimate the force exerted on the knee joints.

Contact: Irene Chao @III

企劃處_趙涵怡 [email protected]

WITSA Emerging Digital Solutions Award (WEDS)


raiserve brings philanthropy into the 21st century by making social good more impactful, social, efficient, and addictive. By empowering non-profits NGOs and schools to interact with a new generation of giver on their terms, raiserve's revolutionary app and platform builds meaningful online communities for nonprofits. For the first time nonprofits have a true social good hub that combines social sharing, messaging, gamification, notifications, recognition and peer interaction, fundraising, volunteerism and analytics.

Since their launch in 2016, raiserve's award winning platform has given Millennials and younger generations an opportunity to engage with social good in an impactful, social, addictive, and efficient way. By doing so everyone in the global social good community benefits.

To learn more about raiserve visit

Watch an introductory video at

Or contact Joel Weingarten at mailto:[email protected] | Tel. +1 215 882-2764


Electron is a London-based tech company harnessing blockchain to design new platforms and services for a decarbonising, digitising, decentralising and democratising energy sector. Recognising the potential for these new technologies to transform the shared virtual infrastructure of the grid, Electron is taking a top down, collaborative approach to platform development and working with various key stakeholders in the energy industry.

Founded in November 2015, Electron has built an 'eco-system' of blockchain platforms specifically for the energy sector. Their systems include an asset registration platform, which allows participants to identify and assign characteristics to assets; a trading platform, which sets out the rules around which assets can trade and interact; and a data platform. They are also involved in a number of community energy trials.

Their vision is to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the rapid changes in the energy market and create innovative, collaborative solutions, based on blockchain's guarantees of a secure, robust and transparent platform.

Contact: Oenone Scott: [email protected]

Web site:

Inclusite, Inc.

Today we live in a Digital Era that is in constant transformation and correlation with innovative technologies, needs and experiences. The future is being digitalized and everyone should be connected.

There are millions of people that are digital disfranchised and its Inclusite transformative purpose to reduce this gap while increasing business opportunities, global integrations, personalized experiences, autonomy and empowerment.

Inclusite is a smart human centric platform leading the way in digital automated analysis and remediation to make IT infrastructure (websites, intranets and applications) usable by anyone regardless of age, ability or socioeconomic status. Inclusite believes that a transcendent solution for Universal Digitalization and Connectivity will depend on companies to engineer disruptive and exponential technologies. Technology is an enormously disruptive force and Inclusite is a compelling example for Digital Democracy: Inclusite equals to Universal Digital Connectivity.

Contact: Fernando Pardeiro S., COO

Inclusite, Inc.

4350 East-West Highway, Suite 550

Bethesda, MD 20814

[email protected] | T. +1 (240) 279-0258

Inclusite Intro Video

HOMEPOD - Digital architectural sourcing for home building in industry 4.0

HOMEPOD is a digital architectural sourcing system which self-assembles to help to reduce waste, delay and overspending in architecture. We are an SME with an early stage, high risk innovative strategy. Our target is enable populations to discover, plan and acquire products and technologies using less material, consuming less energy and ultimately protecting the environment. New and old clients can be stakeholders by acquiring and later selling products and technologies to reduce waste by up-cycling used resources without relying heavily on platforms such as search engines, catalogues, books, trade shows or word-of-mouth to be found. This is a completely new business model that could be implemented on any scale on location, however the true potential of the technology in changing this market can only be reached on full European level.

A solid business plan based on a thorough feasibility study is crucial for our business to succeed. We need to identify and understand any bottlenecks that could impact the uptake of this concept and the growth of our company, so it can be mitigated during the development and prototyping stages. Phase I support will provide us the means to prepare this, while subsequent Phase II funding will allow us to accelerate entry into the European digital single market and demonstrate the technology, as well as speed up the patenting of our technology for self-assembled properties. It is this technology that is at the core of our innovative product and that will generate the disruptive effect on the market. It will provide users with one click design solution to build homes and offer more information on the energy performance and sustainability of their design in a format that doesn't yet exist, but that has the potential of shifting purchase patterns and open the market up to new suppliers offering sustainable and energy efficient products in ways that decisions become informed, rewarding and engaging the promotion of responsible use of resources in smart cities and beyond. This responds to a growing market need in the world.


Contact: Mr. Andrei Toma, Founder

[email protected] | Tel. +40724130455

Arcu 39 Bl Cl6 Sc B 17 Iasi, Iasi 700134 Romania

Device is the first cloud ecosystem management platform (EMP) for IoT, similar in function as WordPress is for websites, as a scalable IoT application platform for service creation, automation and integration. The startup initiative founded in 2015 is underway to complete the beta phase of it`s platform and release the first version in the third trimester of 2017.

After winning the Hub:raum Krakow Warp accelerator program for CEE, taking part in Seedcamp and Challenge up! camps conceived the jump start of the journey from concept to a deliverable solution. 2017 saw another confirmation qualifying in the second phase of the project Horizon 2020, European Union's initiative for funding research and innovation.

On the commercial side, Valrom Industries became the first client to implement the Device platform solution in its production facilities in 2016, choosing the platform in order to enable real time monitoring, predictive maintenance in its factory units and reduce costs and time of production. Device is a holistic and modular platform, allowing engineers to insert custom parts that contain specific logic into the application platform, or add new communication protocols as an open source, free-of-charge service for individual users that can be deployed on elastic cloud platforms like Amazon or Google Cloud or installed in traditional data centers.


Contact: Mr. Ionuţ Cotoi, CEO

[email protected] | Tel. +40721.262.666

Stirbei Voda 29, district 1 n/a Bucharest Romania

Merit winners (honorable mention)


  • BESTINET SDN BHD (Nominated by: The National ICT Association of Malaysia (PIKOM))
  • Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) (Nominated by: Information Service Industry Association of Taiwan (CISA))


  • aamra networks limited (ANL) Nominated by: Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS)
  • PRINTEC (Nominated by: Federation of Hellenic Information Technology and Communications Enterprises (SEPE))


  • ATHENS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - EX MACHINA (AIA-EMX) (Nominated by: Federation of Hellenic Information Technology and Communications Enterprises (SEPE))
  • Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC): eUsahawan Program (Nominated by: The National ICT Association of Malaysia (PIKOM))


  • Daffodil International University (A comprehensive educational institution having the largest green campus with all modern facilities) Nominated by: Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS)
  • TMS Tankers (Nominated by: Federation of Hellenic Information Technology and Communications Enterprises (SEPE))


  • Bangladesh Post Office (Bangladesh Post Office is the public entity providing country-wide postal services (Nominated by: Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS))
  • SoftOne Technologies (Nominated by: Federation of Hellenic Information Technology and Communications Enterprises (SEPE))


  • A&A Consultores (Nominated by: Colombian Software Industry Federation (FEDESOFT))
  • Raydar Research - SEMMEL (Nominated by: The National ICT Association of Malaysia (PIKOM))