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07/29/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 07/29/2021 04:08

GTA project in Mauritania for BP: Simon Stevin offshore operations come to a close

The Simon Stevin vessel is making its last rotation this week from the Port of Nouakchott to the cross border GTA field with a load of 31,500 tonnes of rock fill to build the base of the breakwater of the Hub: indeed, this is the 67th trip in less than 7 months in order to build this submarine breakwater on which the 21 concrete caissons of 16,000 tonnes each will be placed.

In total, this submarine breakwater is made up of around 2.5 million tons of quarry material and is the result of impressive logistical work, managed by Eiffage Génie Civil Marine : building up the stock at the Port of Nouakchott, transport to quay side for loading on the vessel and offshore operations. The submarine breakwater extends over 1 200 m, on average height of 14m with a width varying from 90 m at the bottom to 45 m at the top of the trapezoid thus formed.

Congrats to Antoine Bidault - Project Director with Christian Robert and Walid Mebarki in Mauritania.

Photo ​credit: Eiffage Génie Civil