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10/18/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/18/2020 09:25

Chairwoman McDaniel: I’m Not Worried About Washington Beltway Politics

Chairwoman McDaniel: I'm Not Worried About Washington Beltway Politics

CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: I think this President is fighting for the American people every day. I am not worried about Washington beltway politics. This is a President who went out and said there are forgotten men and women in this country who do not have a voice in Washington. He has made better trade deals, he has cut taxes, he has cut regulation. And he has put great judges on the Supreme Court and across the judiciary. This is a President whp has done phenomenal work for the American people. He wasn't there for the Washington elite. And again you have a candidate who did not answer your question in that town hall. Doesn't that concern you? That he is saying I will fundamentally change the third branch of government and the American people only deserve to know that after the election. I think that is incredibly alarming.

Chairwoman McDaniel: Nancy Pelosi Is Hurting Americans

CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: There is no package yet because Nancy Pelosi has been holding it up for months. The President has said get help to the American people. She is saying not unless we get ballot harvesting in there and all of the things that have nothing to do with getting immediate help Americans who are struggling right now. This is all on Nancy Pelosi every day, all day. She is hurting the American people for her political wellbeing and it is shameful that she is doing this in a time of pandemic. That is what people are worried about. Their jobs, the economy, and they know President Trump is the best candidate to lead them back out of this pandemic because he is already doing it.

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