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11/25/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/25/2021 07:40

Scandic Pelagic lands herring sustainably with Flowscale

Danish fish processor Scandic Pelagic recently committed to full landing transparency and installed Marel's Flowscale to land herring sustainably. Marel's Flowscale is an accurate, durable, high-capacity belt scale that minimizes giveaway by weighing a continuous flow of material moving on a conveyor.

The allocation of fishing quotas is based on sustainability principles to optimize fish stocks and can only be ensured through complete and accurate monitoring. Because of the machine's high level of accuracy and inability to manipulate weighing results, Scandic Pelagic purchased the Flowscale to voluntarily monitor their landings according to sustainability principles.

"We call our way of handling landings - the fully sustainable way," says Scandic Pelagic CEO Johannes Palsson. "We hope that with this step of openness, we convince all parties that to ensure sustainability, all landings must be fully registered kilo by kilo monitored, as we do at Scandic Pelagic. If our colleagues in the pelagic industry have not already implemented this transparency system, we hereby encourage them to do as we do."

With this voluntary monitoring of all landings with Marel's Flowscale, Scandic Pelagic demonstrates that every catch of herring landed is fully registered. One kilo caught is one kilo registered landed, and any by-catch is registered and reported. In addition to its high level of accuracy, the Marel Flowscale ensures incredibly gentle handling without compromising product quality.

News of Scandic Pelagic's commitment to transparency and sustainability have received praise from industry media and colleagues as well as the directorate-general for maritime affairs and fisheries of the European Commission, the director of the Danish national fishery control, the chairman of the AIPCE, and the chief consultant in the Danish ministry of sustainable fisheries, to name a few.

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